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Managing Conflicting Priorities

Published By Dominica Degrandis


Operations teams cite constant context switching as one of their top frustrations. In this webinar, I’ll discuss how to manage conflicting priorities using a Lean flow approach.

About This Webinar

Learn how bringing visibility to your work can help teams monitor priorities more effectively. Topics discussed during this webinar include:

– Why conflicting priorities exist and why they’re a problem
– What clear priorities can do and how to get them
– How to shine a light on conflicting priorities

Here are the slides and sample boards that I share:

Learnings from Our Audience

During the webinar we asked participants three questions about their experience with conflicting priorities. Here’s what they told us:

1. What % of your time is wasted each week due to context switching between conflicting priorities?

2. What is the main cause of conflicting priorities for your team?

3. How does context switching between priorities impact your team?

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Written by Dominica Degrandis

Dominica teaches Kanban to DevOps enthusiasts. As an Executive Consultant at LeanKit, Dominica combines experience, practice and theory to help organizations level up their capability. She is keen on providing visibility and transparency across teams to reveal mutually critical information. Follow her on Twitter at @dominicad.