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PIPELINE 2012: A Virtual Trip Around the Globe with Product Developers and Innovation Leaders

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Reflecting on time with product developers and innovation leaders from around the globe in PIPELINE 2012, I am truly impressed by several things:

  • The amazing speakers
    The feedback we’re receiving indicates that I am not alone appreciation of the quality of the innovators, scholars, authors, and product development practitioners who took the time to participate in PIPELINE 2012 — sharing insights and research to benefit all of our attendees. If you missed them, be sure to check out the conference on demand …it is well worth your time!
  • The attendees
    At one point in the conference, I was chatting with someone from Egypt, someone from Malaysia, and folks in the U.S. And the email communications I received (pre- and post-show) from around the globe were so encouraging. I truly appreciated the feedback and the interest we got from folks in Australia, Brazil, the US, Croatia — literally around the world! And I was so impressed by the representation of hundreds of companies from across numerous verticals — many with names you’d easily recognize and others who are filling a niche market — all with a desire to network with and learn from each other!
  • Our event sponsors
    This may seem like I’m kissing up to them, but truly they deserve our appreciation. Our sponsors partnered with us to communicate the significance of this event to their audience and brought additional value to the conference through the information and materials they provided. If you visited the Exhibit Hall and Innovation Library, you know what I’m talking about. And the knowledge they shared in the breakout sessions will continue to benefit those who visit time again and again.
  • The PIPELINE 2012 team
    I had the privilege to work with colleagues who rearranged their lives to travel across the US and overseas. Their efforts provided us all with access to relevant, compelling, and valuable material appropriate for a global audience of innovative product development folks in a variety of roles and from a myriad of companies. What’s more, this team committed their time and expertise to ensure that we maximized the virtual platform so that we provided a dynamic, interactive experience that would deliver huge value to attendees.

It is the collaboration of all of these individuals and companies that made PIPELINE 2012 a success. More than 800 of you participated in the live event. And, we anticipate that many more of you will take advantage of the on-demand conference that is available through Aug. 10th. Visit today and often as possible to take advantage of the inspiring and informative general sessions as well as the helpful materials throughout the Innovation Library and Exhibition Hall.

Now onto planning PIPELINE 2013! I would love to hear from you. Do you have any speaker suggestions? Are you interested in sponsoring? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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