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Product Development

The Product Portfolio Mavens Interview: Part II

Product Development Challenges, Solutions and the Social Media Peeps You Need to Follow As a follow up to the Wire article, The Portfolio Management Mavens Participate in PIPELINE 2013 and the PIPELINE 2013 Mini Conference on June 19th, Pamela…

Product Development

Innovation and Portfolio Management: Wise Tips from the Wire

As event manager for the PIPELINE 2013 conference, I have had the pleasure of getting to know Dr. Kevin McFarthing. The word that comes to mind when I think of him is “enthusiastic” and I truly appreciate that he has been a wonderful…

Product Development

Innovators: What Enables You to See Things Differently?

Can We Create Game-Changing Innovations If We’re Not Always Questioning Today’s Answers? As we plan for PIPELINE 2013, I’m actively researching innovation topics and authors. This year, we again seek to engage visionary…

Product Development

Optimizing Resources in Product Development

10 Historically Proven Military Strategies that You Can Apply in Your Organization for Optimizing Resources in Product Development “From Sun Tzu’s 13 principles to Napoleon’s 115 maxims, to the countless other [military]…

Product Development

Whose Job is Innovation?

Howdy! We continue our “Coffee Talk” video series on the Planview YouTube Channel — all about the latest news and trends taking place in innovation and Product Portfolio Management (PPM). This month’s “Talk”…

Product Development

Overheard at Optimizing Innovation NYC

I recently attended the Optimizing Innovation Conference in NYC as Planview was a sponsor. Initially, I was surprised that half of the attendees had traveled from Europe just for a two-day conference. Once the sessions began, I quickly understood…

Product Development

The BIG Goals and the Important Details

Last month Planview sponsored Frost & Sullivan’s GIL (Growth, Innovation and Leadership) Conference. I enjoyed this opportunity to meet some amazing innovators and gain insight into world-changing innovation. During general…