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How Gainsight Leverages Planview AdaptiveWork

Published By Team AdaptiveWork

Last week, we announced our all-new integration with leading customer success management solution Gainsight to create a 360 degree of the customer engagement lifecycle. As a user of Planview AdaptiveWork, Gainsight has also integrated Planview AdaptiveWork into its services group, who owns onboarding and any custom/additional projects, as well as its customer success strategy.

The integration has proven critical to the management and standardization of Gainsight’s express implementation program. In the Express Program, the customer follows a structured 11-step process and should execute one step per week. With Planview AdaptiveWork data, Gainsight has built CTAs to alert the services leads and the CSM when a customer has missed a milestone due date. When the CTA is created, the CSM will follow the steps in the playbook outlined below to investigate the situation and offer involvement as necessary:


“Customer Success begins long before customer success managers get involved and our Planview AdaptiveWork integration gives us visibility into the health of our customers during the on boarding process, as well as during ongoing Services engagements,” said Dan Steinman, chief customer officer at Gainsight. “It’s critical for our customer success managers, and our entire customer-facing organization, to easily know what has been implemented, where the customer is in their onboarding journey, and how to best engage with them when helpful to the implementation project manager. With this integration, we can make that happen for all of our customers.”

Gainsight has also combined the power of Planview AdaptiveWork data with Salesforce and Gainsight information to provide a comprehensive view of services projects past and present. The ‘services dashboard’ is the central place for Gainsight’s VP of client solutions, Denise Stokowksi, to understand and manage customers involved in a Services Engagement.

“It’s my main resource for me to not only understand where our customers are in the onboarding pipeline and drill-through to specifics but it is also how I share my analysis with Nick (Gainsight’s CEO) and the Board,” she said. “Everything I need to know about services activity is combined with what sales and customer success have learned about the customer so we are all working from the same playbook.”


To enable the integration for your Gainsight instance, visit the listing in our AppsMarketplace.

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Written by Team AdaptiveWork