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How Clarizen’s collaborative work management tools improve team efficiency

Published By Team Clarizen

Collaboration is one of the biggest topics in project management today. From software developers and accounting firms to creative marketing agencies, companies are discovering that online collaboration tools can help their teams work faster and better.

Clarizen, an industry leader in project management software, offers one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use online collaboration tools available. With Clarizen, team members can share documents, emails, instant messages and other forms of communication, connecting unstructured conversations with structured work, that gives a truly holistic view of the ideas being exchanged and the work being done.

Here are some of the most significant ways teams can use work management tools to improve their efficiency and their end results.

A Better Way to Connect Email with Project Tasks

One of the largest obstacles to effective communication is the disconnect between the various channels employees use to share information. A message in an email inbox, for example, is only useful to the people who received it, or those to whom it is forwarded. Many times, critical team members are omitted from recipient lists, leaving them unaware of important developments like changes to deadlines or meetings. With Clarizen’s patented InterAct technology, team members can attach email messages directly to a project or task, ensuring that everyone who needs to know pertinent information or changes will be made aware.

Collaborate with External Partners

Few companies get their projects done without support from contractors, freelance workers or other external partners. Clarizen makes it easy for project managers to include non-employee users in discussions and other relevant communications, closing the gap between internal and external collaborators.

Edit Documents Together

Managing multiple versions of an edited document can be a nightmare, even for the most organized project manager. Clarizen’s intuitive document collaboration feature lets team members edit and update documents in a central location, taking the headaches out of a universal task. Clarizen also integrates with popular cloud-based storage tools like Google Docs and ProofHQ, allowing your team to use its established workflows to create and revise documents.

Communicate While You Work

Pulling team members away from their desks for status meetings can rob the team of valuable time and interrupt team members in the middle of important tasks. With Clarizen, project managers can connect online with individual team members or with large groups, allowing them to stay up to date on progress and challenges without unnecessary disruptions to the rest of the team. An audit trail of those communications is also left, for anyone in the team to reference or for new members to get up to speed.

As the workforce becomes more decentralized and mobile, work management tools and collaboration tools will only increase in importance. If you are looking for a next-generation solution for online collaboration, Clarizen can help you keep your team members connected, informed and engaged.

Interested in learning more about how Clarizen can make your team more efficient? Check out Clarizen’s suite of project management solutions for best-in class project management, collaboration and planning tools.

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Written by Team Clarizen