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Game of Productivity: Communication Overload is Here

Published By Team AdaptiveWork

While clans on Game of Thrones wage war to win the Iron Throne, another skirmish for supremacy is taking place on the enterprise landscape. Except in this battle, executives are pitted against a powerful enemy that makes White Walkers seem cute and cuddly by comparison: communication overload.

As our GoT-inspired Infographic reveals, 81 percent of respondents in a new Planview AdaptiveWork survey said that their attempts to improve communication have failed to boost productivity.

As such, to survive in these unpredictable and unproductive times, enterprises have been forced to contend with:

  • Endless Communications, where communication apps abound, yet unleash chatter and chaos instead of clarity and collaboration.
  • Countless Messages, where hordes of emails ravage the countryside, and conversation threads get longer and more tangled by the hour.
  • Meetings Gone Wild, where not even joining the Night’s Watch is an escape from yet another unnecessary meeting.
  • Sea of Documents, where version control nightmares unfold, and brave warriors hunt across drives and repositories for essential files that may or may not exist.

Of course, there’s no doubt that leveraging technologies to improve the lines of communications among employees is important. But as these enterprises are experiencing: communicating is not the same as collaborating.

Fortunately, defeating information overload doesn’t require forging fickle, uncertain loyalties or unholy alliances. Enterprises can liberate their people, secure their kingdom, and usher in a new era of productivity.

Please enjoy and share the Infographic below. While communication overload is here, take heart: your enterprise can win the game of productivity!

Game of Productivity infographic


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Written by Team AdaptiveWork