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Présentation de Planview IdeaPlace Insights : De meilleures données pour de meilleures décisions

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Capturing insights and performing sophisticated analytics in real-time for your innovation programs is critical to your success.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce the addition of Insights visual reporting and analytics to our Planview IdeaPlace innovation management software. Our new Insights capability provides deep business intelligence and visual analytics that will prove highly valuable for the most demanding enterprise innovation programs.

Based on the research and iterative processes pioneered by our Data Science team, we’ve made Insights the most advanced visual reporting and analytics module available in any innovation management platform.

Visual Reporting and an Innovation Analytics

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Our new Insights reporting in Planview IdeaPlace brings two key components. First, a visual, interactive Dashboard that’s easily modified and viewable by Report Analysts and Administrators. Administrators can select a specific dashboard to be displayed for each Community or Challenge, thereby allowing for different metrics to be customized for different business stakeholders.

Second, there’s an extended ability to build highly customized, ad-hoc reports and dashboards. Administrators can create specific reports from the key metrics made available in Planview IdeaPlace, aggregating and displaying them in ways that makes it possible to create dynamic, custom dashboards.


You can instantly view the health and key metrics of an innovation program, as well as understand the program’s ROI, and enable more innovative and beneficial business decisions overall. Plus, the new dashboards allow you to see all the activity occurring in all existing challenges and communities, providing a comprehensive look at the overall of the health of your innovation program.

“This is what true breakthrough technology looks like,” says James Gardner, Mindjet’s SVP of Product. “When we provide these dynamic crowdsourcing capabilities to our customers, and couple that with engaging methodologies and valuable, user-friendly metrics analysis, we’re putting the power to innovate and stay competitive directly in their hands.”

Pipelines and Predictability

Gathering candid input from many of our enterprise customers was a critical piece of developing our new reporting with Insights. Moreover, it allows users to present data visually, and make educated decisions based on accurate data and detailed crowd analytics.


“Unlike static reports that plague legacy systems, the dashboards we’ve created let users dive much deeper into idea trends and participant engagement,” says Anna Gordon, lead Data Scientist at Mindjet. “With Insights, users can effectively leverage their entire crowd of employees, customers, or partners to drive business outcomes. They can now manage innovation as a pipeline, just as they’d manage other key processes in the organization like talent and sales.”

Insights further builds on the crowd analytics available in Planview IdeaPlace, such as Predictions, which helps organizations answer crucial questions about future impact, such as how much revenue a specific idea will generate annually, costs associated with implementing an idea, and how long that execution will take.

To learn more, watch the recording of our U.S. interactive Insights webinar with experts from our data science team. 

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