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A digital project manager is a project manager who makes full use of available technology, such as project management software to coordinate and monitor the activities and objectives of their team. They differ from more traditional methodologies by focusing on speed of execution and the ability to track progress and pivot resources in the necessary direction using software and cloud-based tools.

To become a digital project manager, one must be highly tech-aware and display a desire to keep on top of the latest advancements in management technology and software. It is also necessary to have the confidence and capability to make strategic decisions based on real-time information.

The skills needed to be a digital project manager

Anybody wondering “What is a digital project manager?” need only look to the core difference from a standard project manager, that is the addition of “digital”. The key is harnessing the best current project management software pour améliorer les performances de l'équipe. La prise de décision et la transparence peuvent toutes deux être grandement améliorées par une utilisation efficace de la technologie disponible et un chef de projet numérique peut apporter une valeur significative grâce à ses compétences dans ce domaine.

To be a successful digital project manager a particular skillset is a prerequisite. Here’s a list of some of the most important skills for the area:

  • Familiarité et connaissance des logiciels de gestion de projet
  • Ability to utilize technology to communicate and expedite team activities
  • Décrire les livrables du projet
  • Assigning tasks to appropriate team members
  • Deciding on and informing team members of responsibilities
  • Initial setting and constant monitoring of project budgets
  • Organizing meetings and setting agendas
  • Facilitating team meetings, either physically or online
  • Oversight of both individual and team progress towards objectives
  • Réorientation de l'attention ou des ressources pour éviter les retards de projet
  • Recognizing productivity gaps and potential project risks
  • Informing project stakeholders of current status and additional requirements
  • Being an accessible point of reference for both team members and other stakeholders
  • Créer et distribuer des rapports de projet pertinents
  • Final project assessments and evaluation of project success

How to become a digital project manager

The central concept of what a digital project manager is arises from their knowledge of and ability to use project management software to get the best out of their team and improve chances of project success. If you are looking to get into the field therefore, one of the most important areas to focus on is the available technology. With advances in the sphere l'époque où l'on suivait l'évolution des projets sur des feuilles de calcul or trying to coordinate communications between a team via unsuitable apps are gone.  

Getting into the digital project management field

Once you are aware of what a digital project manager is the next step is finding an appropriate opening to apply the skills necessary. Though project management software is increasingly used in all industries it still has its core base in the fields where it first arose, namely digital based projects. These include:

  • App development projects
  • Conception Web
  • Online education courses
  • Remote employment coordination
  • Digital marketing
  • E-commerce projects
  • Systems integration
  • Analyse des ventes
  • Modélisation de la production
  • Stockage des données

The takeaways on what a digital project manager is

Improving your skills with technology and specifically project management software is vital for becoming a successful digital project manager. One can do this by researching and using available technologies to discover the fullness of their capabilities and becoming better at taking full advantage of what they bring to the project management table. There are a lot of industries searching for digital project managers, making it a position which is high in demand and thus relatively high salaries, with une moyenne nationale de 83,134 $..

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