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Best English Universities for Project Management

Published By Team AdaptiveWork

England is a historic country with many prestigious universities that cater to the business sector. As the industries of science and technology evolve with exciting new projects, there is a growing need for a profession that can manage it all. Project management is swiftly becoming a focal point in business and universities are responding to this with robust educational programs. When it comes time to earn your project management certification, the following English universities are some great places to start:

University of Leeds

The School of Engineering at the University of Leeds offers a multitude of courses surrounding project management. Ranked 101st globally of the world’s best universities, the school was established in 1831 and has a total enrollment of approximately 31,000 students. Both the Civil and Environmental Engineering departments have programs for project management that cover everything from managing teams to contractual knowledge and strategic awareness. The school places particular emphasis on financial planning and the skills needed to manage a project life cycle.

University of Birmingham

Ranked as the 84th best university in the world, the University of Birmingham was established in 1828 as a school of medicine and now has a student population averaging 21,000. The university caters to business students interested in project management with an entire undergraduate degree. The Undergraduate Project Management Program discusses the challenges of managing a variety of projects that involve business, public, engineering and tech and introduces specific techniques to oversee these sectors. The program will teach students how to select, initiate, operate and control projects while focusing on continuous demands.

University of Manchester

Scoring 97.4 for academic reputation, 99.4 for employee reputation and 34th in the world globally, the University of Manchester has been educating since 1824. The school sees an average student population of 40,000 and offers a Master of Science in Project Management. The courses represent the contemporary practice of project management and the school holds an accreditation from both the Association for Project Management (APM) and the Global Accreditation Centre, Project Management Institute (PMI).

Out of all the English universities, the University of Manchester has one of the best opportunities for project management certification. Since 2003, the school has had over 450 graduates and represents the largest community in the world of higher education project management delivery.

University of Oxford

Ranked 6th in the world, the foundation date of the University of Oxford is unknown but it is said that teaching there goes as far back as 1096. The school sees an average yearly enrollment of 22,000 students and offers a variety of project management programs through their Department of Continuing Education. The Essentials of Project Management and Project Risk Management are just two examples of the enriched programs the university offers. The courses vary, but will introduce students to the essential aspects of project management for engineering, science and tech. The courses are designed and developed by the CPD Centre in conjunction with staff from the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School.

University of Cambridge

Britain’s top university is Cambridge and ranks 5th in the world. Founded in 1231, the school sees an average of 20,000 students a year and has an entire school dedicated to business. The University of Cambridge – Judge Business School offers a Management Consulting Project that provides students with an opportunity to apply theory to the practice of management. The school seeks to improve skills on problem diagnosis, resolution and strategic analysis.

Project management is a fairly new niche for an entire degree, but these English universities have it covered. These institutions have been teaching people for hundreds of years and it is their job to continue with relevant educational curricula. That’s what makes these project management programs the finest opportunities in England for the brightest minds in management.

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Written by Team AdaptiveWork