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Let it Flow: Managing Cognitive Overload with Dominica DeGrandis

Veröffentlicht By Patrick Anderson
Let it Flow: Managing Cognitive Overload with Dominica DeGrandis

With the sudden shift to remote working following the global pandemic earlier this year, burnout is hitting an all-time high. The toxic mix of stress, anxiety and instability has seen over two-thirds of employees in the U.S. experience burnout symptoms. While hope may be on the horizon with the promise of the vaccine, what can employers and employees do today to improve mental and physical health in our working lives?

Given that burnout was on the rise before the outbreak, we must look to glean lessons from this challenging year to implement healthier ways to work. Dominica DeGrandis, the author of bestselling Making Work Visible and Principal Flow Advisor at Tasktop, has long been writing passionately about healthier work practices. Next week (Tuesday, December 15, 1pm EST), Dominica will be hosting a webinar on leveraging the concept of flow to manage cognitive overload to reduce stress and burnout. 

Ahead of the webinar, Dominica provides a sneak preview of her session in the below video. From conflicting priorities and frequent interruptions, overbooked calendars and too much work-in-progress (WIP), attendees will learn actionable takeaways to help measure and communicate stress to help combat the common issues impacting our mental and physical well-being. 

Webinar ansehen

Dominica’s “Let It Flow: Using Flow Metrics to Combat Cognitive Overload” webinar is available on-demand.


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