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Optimize your QA Process by Integrating qTest and Azure DevOps

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Optimize your QA Process by Integrating qTest and Azure DevOps

Integrating qTest Manager and Azure DevOps allows you to automatically flow requirements and defects between the two tools, creating automated traceability, enhancing cross-team collaboration between developers and QA/test teams, and most importantly, reducing time to resolution.  

The Art of Time Efficiency

During my sophomore year of college, I had a Biology professor who ran a strict, no-nonsense classroom. As soon as he began his lecture, he would shut the classroom door, and any last-minute stragglers were left locked outside. If you did manage to make it into his class, you had better make sure any assignments due were also on time as there were no exceptions for late submissions. 

On the last day of the semester, he explained the rationale behind his strict time policies. He told us, “If you want time, you must make it.” And that statement is just as accurate now as it was back then. You have to prioritize your time. Whether it be in your work life or home life, time management is essential to maximize the value of your 24-hours. 

But wie can you do that?

Well, speaking solely to the home life aspect, you can work remotely to avoid a brutal commute or order takeout to avoid heading to the grocery store. 

If you’re a developer or test engineer, you can use Tasktop Integration Hub.

Make Time with Tasktop

Tasktop allows you to be more efficient with your time as the work automatically flows into your tool of choice. Meaning you never have to tediously copy and paste information across platforms to eliminate the inadequacies produced by delayed communications. We’ve estimated that on average, each practitioner (developer, tester, project manager, ITSM, etc.) can save up to 20 minutes per day on tedious manual overhead — that works out at a whopping ten working days a year.

In our integration scenario, a developer creates a story in Azure DevOps. Tasktop flows the story to qTest Manager as a requirement, so the test manager can begin designing the test case—saving critical time to resolution by allowing each practitioner to focus on their priorities rather than copying information between tools. 

When the tester logs a defect, Tasktop will flow the defect back to Azure DevOps, maintaining the link to the original story, so the developer can work on resolving it in their desired tool. 

As the developer updates the status of the defect, the status flows back to the originating defect in qTest Manager, informing the testing teams when they can proceed with testing—expediting communication between teams and eliminating time-consuming emails.

All the while, comments and attachments are synchronized between the two tools, facilitating collaboration and visibility across platforms and improving overall time to resolution. 

Implementing Tasktop as a part of your software delivery process may not save you a trip to the grocery store, but it will help make the most out of your time at the office. 

Connect your toolchain. Accelerate end-to-end Flow.

With cross-tool integration, teams and tools automatically stay in sync. Tasktop’s model-based integration makes it easy for organizations to integrate QTest and Azure DevOps across their best-of-breed toolchain, through an intuitive, point-and-click experience—and it’s 4x faster to set up and 10x easier to maintain than any other solution. 

Speak to us about a live, customized demo to begin accelerating your flow today.


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