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Project Portfolio Management

Innotas Expands to Europe

Until now, Innotas was mostly available to English-speaking customers, primarily in North America. However, we know that our friends in Europe and the Middle East, indeed, all over the world, face the same project and portfolio management…

Project Portfolio Management

Agile Portfolio Management of Today

In today’s tech infused world, many companies strive to rise above the competition and get results from their efforts and ideas as quickly as possible. It’s okay to want instant gratification – our customers seem to expect it –…

Project Portfolio Management

Less Meetings, More Doing

In a lot of companies, project managers and resource managers sit down every week in an annoying productive meeting to discuss what resources are needed in various projects, and get an agreement on resource assignments. This is usually done…

Project Portfolio Management

Resource Management Q&A

In our recent webinar, Getting the Most Value of Your Project Resources, we had the chance to really dive deep into Q&A, and get some good insight from our audience about resource planning and management. What is the advantage of managing…