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Innotas Expands to Europe

Published By Nils Davis
Innotas Expands to Europe

Until now, Innotas was mostly available to English-speaking customers, primarily in North America. However, we know that our friends in Europe and the Middle East, indeed, all over the world, face the same project and portfolio management challenges our U.S. customers face. While we were able serve many customers in the European markets, many were out of our reach due to limited language support. Until now, although we have supported the use of non-English languages for content in the system, international language support had been less of a focus for Innotas. We’ve concentrated on other areas of the product, but this month we are excited to announce that the Innotas user interface as a whole is available in multiple languages!

Starting with our October 2016 release Innotas is now localized to German and French. This is the first step on a road to multiple language support in the product. It’s a major milestone for Innotas and opens up many options for European organizations looking for a project portfolio management solution.

From my perspective as a product manager for Innotas I’m very happy that the power and flexibility of Innotas is now available to a much larger market. It means I and the Innotas product team can help more people deliver their project faster and better. And it gives me a much wider scope of users.

The team has worked hard to bring this to market and we are proud of how far we have come. It’s one of the first results of our joining the Planview family, and we’ve been able to make great use of the Planview team’s experience in providing internationalized solutions. Making multiple languages a priority for development has expedited the availability to multiple markets and broadened the Innotas horizon. The scope of users is widening and the growth options are significantly increased.

No matter where you are – the U.S., Europe, Asia, the Middle East, or anywhere in the world, projects are more critical to the success of organizations than ever. From keeping the lights on to rolling out new services to creating innovative new offerings, companies achieve success – or fail to – based on their ability to execute and manage critical projects.

To deliver business value effectively, you need the ability to see the status of your projects at a glance. To be notified when a project is off track – and to have great tools for getting it back on track. To make business-driven decisions on which projects should be in the portfolio in the first place. To understand how your resources are delivering value to the business and to the business’s customers. Innotas addresses all these needs for small and mid-sized organizations, around the world, with:

  • Portfolio management.
  • Resource planning.
  • Business-driven prioritization.
  • In the ideal sizing for small and mid-sized enterprises.

Our new Innotas customers in Germany, France, and the rest of Europe are joining a satisfied group of project and portfolio managers here in the States who are achieving great things using Innotas. For more information on the expansion to Europe click here.

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Written by Nils Davis