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PMO, Vision and Trends

Shift from Annual to Continuous Planning to Enable Agility [Webinar]

See if this sounds familiar: your organization’s strategic plan is constructed at the executive level, broken down into an annual plan that is led by finance, then operationalized by the PMO and other groups in the organization. Yet, as soon…


Cure Your Zombie PMO

Breaking news update: as I previously reported in the blog, “Symptoms of the Zombie PMO,” zombification is still proliferating in businesses throughout the world. However, the spread is thankfully slowing down, as people are becoming more…


Portfolio and Resource Management: Satisfy Your Spring Fever

Ah, spring, the time for blooming flowers, warmer weather, and new beginnings. The most important new beginning for businesses? Advancing the PMO with portfolio and resource management. Seriously, you’ll thank me later when your PMO is…


Symptoms of the Zombie PMO

Warning: The following is an emergency alert. There is an outbreak infecting businesses across the world, creating a condition termed the “Zombie PMO.” The name, coined from behaviors such as a languished state of existence and a narrow focus…