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Project Management Software to Boost Your PMO into Hyper-Speed [Webinar]

Part 3: PMO at hyper-speed workshop #3

Published By Maria Harper

Project Management Software to Boost Your PMO Into Hyper-speed

In the first workshop of this series, we covered how your organization’s current annual planning and demand management processes can act as starting points in your journey toward continuous planning. Part two allowed us to analyze how you can best fuel your decisions with data. Now, let’s explore how the right project management software can advance your organization and connect teams, regardless of where and how they work.

Let’s face it—it’s no longer a one-methodology-for-all kind of world. Teams are more dispersed than ever before, and everyone works in different ways. The future of value delivery doesn’t require everyone to adopt the same work methodology, but rather, it encompasses a spectrum of approaches—iterative, predictive, incremental, agile, hybrid, and whatever will come next.

Success means aggregating all work into an integrated portfolio view.

Don’t force everyone to adapt to a single methodology. Instead, provide them with a solution to combine different ways of working yet maintain a detailed level of visibility and supportive collaboration. With all these different methods of work, you still need to know where you’re going, what you’re trying to achieve, and how each different way of working applies.

You need to be able to capture an integrated portfolio view into the strategic plan, program/project management, iterative work, lean and agile, collaborative work, and more. Start at the top with strategy then drill down to execution, gaining visibility into the granular details.

How Planview Can Enable Your PMO at Hyper-speed Webinar

Seamlessly accommodate multiple methods of work.

Now, you may be thinking, isn’t it confusing to combine so many different approaches, even with granular visibility? The short answer is no, but let’s expand on that. Each methodology has its own purpose, and, when brought together, work becomes even more seamless.

Consider project management. It provides you with detailed, upfront planning and design, and it works best when you have well-known requirements. But requirements are often subject to change—it’s time to bring in iterative work. Even if you’re running mostly traditional projects, you’re most likely moving in an iterative direction, as it allows you to react much more quickly to change and to break large deliverables into smaller, more manageable chunks.

Now you have two pieces of the puzzle, so let’s add in Lean and Agile. This methodology expands upon that of iterative work, allowing teams to modify their process and continuously improve, ultimately delivering more value, faster. In the same vein lies collaborative work management, a way of working that brings teams together regardless of position or geographic location. This element will help you take care of all those unstructured, day-to-day tasks.

Work and resource management can help you achieve your goals.

Combining each of these methods we just discussed, provides the overview to make collaboration easier, work more productive, project details more visible, and your overall organization more adaptable. There’s no need to continue stressing over how to accommodate different way of working; instead, embrace them, and provide employees with a solution that enables them to seamlessly work together to deliver value faster and, essentially, get stuff done.

To learn more, register to watch the full webinar, “No Matter How You Work @ Hyper-Speed,” the third part of our five-part series. Continue reading the blog for the summaries of the next two series, listed below:

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Elevate PMO Success Solution Brief

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Written by Maria Harper Manager, Demand Generation

Maria Harper is a demand generation specialist at Planview focusing on PPM solutions and French and German marketing. She is passionate about data-driven marketing and enjoys applying analytical insights to creative messaging in order maximize marketing potential. She graduated from the University of Missouri with bachelor degrees in German and Journalism.