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Beat the Heat: The Enterprise Software Category that is Changing the Industry

Published By Jane Kovacs
Beat the Heat: The Enterprise Software Category that is Changing the Industry

We’ve talked a lot about work and resource management (WRM) as significant category of enterprise software. WRM solutions uniquely combine strategic planning and delivery to give you visibility into performance that spans strategy, projects, teams, products, financials, and resources. With WRM, your organization can better analyze emerging technologies, break down silos, adapt to change, and get work done.

Need further proof this is a growing market gaining significance? Planview CEO Greg Gilmore recently quantified that market at $13.5 billion, based on recent activity.

In his recent Work and Resource Management blog on, Planview CEO Greg Gilmore explains the rise of enterprise software’s big change agent, work and resource management, and details of how it can help your organization grow revenue while expanding market share.

Work and Resource Management by Greg Gilmore Planview CEOWork and resource management allows CIOs to track limited resources with work that must be done to deliver innovative products efficiently. Maintaining and growing an organization with digital transformation initiatives and innovate products and solutions creates complex, sophisticated problems, that may be larger than small add-ons can handle. A single, connected work and resource management solution is designed for an organization just like yours, one that is interconnected and focused on delivering value to consumers.

Elements of WRM are undoubtedly scattered across your enterprise already, helping smart employees and teams get work done. The opportunity lies in harnessing these solutions to break down silos, analyze your organization’s performance, and, most importantly, get work done.

Are you ready to fight fire with fire?

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Written by Jane Kovacs

Jane Kovacs is a geek-loving, button-pushing public relations professional who loves shiny, new ideas and finding ways to use technology get the most of your day. She brings more than 20 years’ experience to her role as global PR manager at Planview. Her background includes communication roles at Pennzoil, EDS, AMD, FleishmanHillard, and 3M. She is passionate about helping companies share their stories and connect with customers.