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Product Development

Innovation Metrics: Benchmarking Success

Everyone likes to talk about innovation, but how do you measure it? How do you know whether or not your innovation program is performing well? And which innovation metrics will drive the right behavior to achieve your organization’s strategic…

Product Development, Products

Advancing Product Innovation: Why Right Size is Better than Supersize

We may take great pride in everything being bigger and better in our great home state of Texas, but things they are a’changin’. (Tips cowgirl hat with a wink.) Seriously. Why would you want to buy more house than you can afford? Why would you want…

Product Development

Think Resource Management and Create a Funnel, not a Tunnel

In the first part of this two-part series, “How to Get Away with Murder: Killing Projects Before They Ruin Your Portfolio” I encouraged innovators to courageously commit cold-blooded murder of the ideas and projects that do not achieve the…

Product Development

Killing Projects Before They Ruin Your Portfolio

If you follow trends in the innovation and new product development space, you’ve probably noticed that the fuzzy front-end seems to get the most press. And why wouldn’t it? Ideation, collaborating, and brainstorming new ideas to launch your…

Product Development

Ideas Are Cheap

The front end of innovation focuses on the ideation stage. It is a place of creativity, crowdsourcing, and collaboration. It involves sticky notes, labs, interviews, and sometimes arts and crafts, all in the name of capturing the voice of…

Product Development

Are You Really Innovating?

How much is your company exaggerating when it claims products are “new and innovative?” How many of them are simple line extensions or minor improvements on the same old thing? Let’s face it, the words “innovation” and “innovative” should…