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Innovation Metrics: Benchmarking Success

Everyone likes to talk about innovation, but how do you measure it? How do you know whether or not your innovation program is performing well? And which innovation metrics will drive the right behavior to achieve your organization’s strategic goals? While I am a firm believer in focusing on outcomes in order to achieve both...

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Advancing Product Innovation: Why Right Size is Better than Supersize

We may take great pride in everything being bigger and better in our great home state of Texas, but things they are a’changin’. (Tips cowgirl hat with a wink.) Seriously. Why would you want to buy more house than you can afford? Why would you want to order more food than you can possibly eat?...

Product Portfolio Management

5 Tips to Get the Most out of the Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation and Development MindXchange

There’s no question that Frost & Sullivan conferences are different.  They’re specifically and intentionally designed to be that way.  And thank goodness for that.  While Frost events don’t go as far as the free-spirited “un-conferences” put on by ProductCamp, where the lineup of presentations is established at the beginning of the day based on popular...

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Think Resource Management and Create a Funnel, not a Tunnel

In the first part of this two-part series, “How to Get Away with Murder: Killing Projects Before They Ruin Your Portfolio” I encouraged innovators to courageously commit cold-blooded murder of the ideas and projects that do not achieve the objectives and strategies of the product portfolio based on thoughtful and calculated portfolio criteria all in...

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Killing Projects Before They Ruin Your Portfolio

If you follow trends in the innovation and new product development space, you’ve probably noticed that the fuzzy front-end seems to get the most press. And why wouldn’t it? Ideation, collaborating, and brainstorming new ideas to launch your company’s “next big thing” allows us to be creative and have fun — and besides, it’s invigorating...

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Ideas Are Cheap

The front end of innovation focuses on the ideation stage. It is a place of creativity, crowdsourcing, and collaboration. It involves sticky notes, labs, interviews, and sometimes arts and crafts, all in the name of capturing the voice of the customer to deliver “the next big thing.” The right-brained people in the room absolutely LOVE...

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Is the Internet of Things Impacting Your Product Strategy? If It Isn’t Yet, It Will!

Wikipedia defines The Internet of Things (IoT) as the network of physical objects or “things” with embedded electronics, software, sensors, and connectivity to enable it to achieve greater value and service by exchanging data with the manufacturer, operator and/or other connected devices. Here’s more about the Internet of Things and product strategy. When I think...

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The Closed-Loop Product Development Network: A Discussion on How to Get There

The Planview Horizons Annual Customer Conference recently wrapped up after three incredible days of all things Portfolio Management. A record number of Planview customers attended this year, deepening their knowledge of how they can further leverage Planview solutions while networking with others in the Planview Customer Community, and of course, having fun in Austin. At...

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Get the Hell OUT: Sound Advice to Foster Innovation

Inspiration on how to foster innovation can come from an unlimited number of places and in a lot of different forms. And at the recent Prepared Foods New Products Conference, a fantastic group of food and beverage product development gurus shared their insights on uncovering the next big thing. How these clever companies go about...