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The Closed-Loop Product Development Network: A Discussion on How to Get There

Published By Carrie Nauyalis
The Closed-Loop Product Development Network: A Discussion on How to Get There

The Planview Horizons Annual Customer Conference recently wrapped up after three incredible days of all things Portfolio Management. A record number of Planview customers attended this year, deepening their knowledge of how they can further leverage Planview solutions while networking with others in the Planview Customer Community, and of course, having fun in Austin.

At the event, I participated in a roundtable session of product development customers to collect feedback on how Planview can increase its contribution to helping them achieve strategic goals. Participants were from a variety of industry segments and different places along their journey towards improving innovation. All had valuable experiences to share.

The key takeaways from the roundtable discussions all related to the ultimate goal of a closed-loop product development network or ecosystem. What are the moving pieces in that network? It’s different for every company, but some of the key components are:

The product development leaders agreed that these disparate systems (or network components) should work together for improved efficiency, productivity, cost savings, and resource utilization.  Each roundtable attendee has this vision and each is trying to close the loop on data at their own pace and via their own design.

So how can PD companies achieve greater harmony amongst the components? Assess your company current state in each of the components and identify what valuable data from each system you need to see in an integrated view to make decisions.  Consider an end-solution that can scale to your organization’s current product development processes, but can grow as the business matures.

What do you think?  Is a closed-loop product development network a valuable part of your company’s future? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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Written by Carrie Nauyalis Contractor - Product Development

Carrie Nauyalis brings her passion, experience, and thought leadership in the product portfolio management industry to her current role as Executive in Residence at Planview. As an EIR, Carrie is collaborating on market research and sharing best practices with Planview prospects and customers. She is an active speaker, MBA guest lecturer, blogger, and vlogger on all things PPM, with warm places in her heart for innovation, calculating ROI, and agile. Carrie spent 19 years with Planview in various positions, including global consulting, product management, and as the solution evangelist for innovation and new product development. Prior to Planview, Carrie held multiple systems engineering positions with Emerson Process. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from Truman State.