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AI and Project Management: What Will Change for the Better?

Published By Team AdaptiveWork

Computing technology is meant to make life easier for all mankind, adding convenience to all kinds of processes that might otherwise require human time and effort. The use of artificial intelligence (AI), which encompasses machine learning and decision-making capabilities normally ascribed to humans, is the next evolutionary step, and it is already well underway.

Already AI has been used to revolutionize repetitive and mundane tasks, notably in assembly line procedures. However, AI has also been developed for surprising purposes, such as tracking wildlife, diagnosing medical conditions and managing cybersecurity concerns. It has even been used to create a machine that makes perfectly grilled burgers to order.

The counterpoint to the AI revolution is the persistent fear that artificial intelligence will one day surpass human contributions in the workforce, taking jobs that were once performed by people. While AI is certainly likely to take over any number of time-consuming tasks, this only frees up workers to pursue more important tasks that computers cannot manage. When it comes to artificial intelligence and project management, advances are already being made and there are more on the horizon. How will this change industry for the better? Here’s what you can expect.


Artificial intelligence is being used for automation in project management to set alerts and manage workflow and repeatable processes. The future of AI involves providing further support for the workforce by tracking complex aspects of project workflows to spot waste, evaluate performance, quantify outcomes and even offer analysis. This information helps project managers to make decisions that improve future projects at every level.


Data entry is notoriously patchy when it comes to project management. While some employees provide minute details about their tasks and time, others are less diligent. AI could be used to fill in the blanks based on available data and even prompt users to provide more comprehensive data. This accuracy in reporting (which we’re big fans of) can only help to streamline projects and avoid costly setbacks.

Insight and Strategy

Computer technology has long been relied upon for number crunching and automating simple, repetitive tasks, but when it comes to artificial intelligence and project management, people tend to balk at allowing machinery to take over more complex functionality. You might let your project management software alert you when due dates are looming, but would you allow it to assemble a team for a project or determine daily tasks for workers?

This is exactly the course set for artificial intelligence. Machine and software capabilities when it comes to collating data in order to anticipate and reduce risk are unmatched. Just look at all the programs available for the usability testing of prototypes. By utilizing AI, software developers can run tests on prototypes before they’re released, reducing bugs and finessing user experience prior to launch.


AI has the power to provide new and improved tools that benefit businesses in untold ways and you don’t have to wait – the future is here. With products like Clarizen’s cloud-based project management software you can already automate business processes, track and share data, access information to make decisions in real time and customize workflows to suit your needs. When it comes to artificial intelligence and project management, you have only to gain.

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Written by Team AdaptiveWork