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10 Benefits of Lean

Published By Maja Majewski

Enjoy this excerpt from the Lean Business Report. Download the full report here.

The data makes it clear that for most teams, in most organizations — Lean works. 92% of teams surveyed reported moderate to significant improvements in project success after implementing Lean.

Of course, the benefits of Lean extend far beyond project success. We asked our survey participants to name the three benefits of Lean that have affected them most. The diversity in their responses speaks to the widespread impact of Lean. From better management of process complexity to increased team morale, it’s evident that the benefits of Lean go far beyond the work itself.

10 Benefits of Lean

Lean helps teams lift the burdens of inefficiency, empowering them to do their best work. Here are the top 10 benefits of Lean, as cited by more than 3,000 Lean Business Survey respondents.

  1. Manage Team/Process Complexity
  2. More Efficient Business Processes
  3. Better Management of Changing Priorities
  4. Better Project Visibility at the Team Level
  5. Increased Team Productivity
  6. Reduced Lead Time
  7. Increased Team Morale
  8. Improved Visibility to Stakeholders
  9. Reduced Costs
  10. Predictable Delivery of Customer Value

Read the full Lean Business Report here.

About the Lean Business Report

In September 2015, we launched the inaugural Lean Business Survey to gauge the adoption of Lean across all disciplines of knowledge work. The Lean Business Report combines our exclusive survey research with educational content from thought leaders in the Lean for business space. Between September and November 2015, we received more than 3,000 responses from executives, consultants, and team members representing a variety of industries and hailing from 75 countries.

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Written by Maja Majewski