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Work Management for Teams

In today’s project-driven, 24/7 economy, collaborating is a way of life. Typically, modern teams, work with people both inside and outside the company and across the globe to meet deadlines and complete projects on time. Our work collaboration blog category shows you what to look for in a project/work collaboration solution to effectively execute projects and manage teams, tasks, and deadlines. Whether on a team of 5 or 25, learn how to use the best tools when trying to set goals, create a plan, track progress, share documents, and monitor progress. We can help you look for adaptable solutions that are closely related to enterprise social networking platforms.

Work Management for Teams

Project Collaboration: 5 Strategic Ways to Avoid Silos

The era of digital transformation is requiring organizations to move faster and adapt to changing market and customer demands more quickly. Slowing the pace, however, are organizational silos that discourage effective project collaboration and prevent a company from staying agile and responsive. Organizational silos occur when employees or entire departments don’t want or don’t have...

Virtual Teams, Work Management for Teams

Leading Remote Teams: 6 Effective Strategies

Remote work has become the new normal for many organizations over the past few years. If you’re a manager who’s used to leading remote teams, then you probably know the usual tips and tricks: Make a schedule. Take breaks. Shower. But working remotely — especially if you’re part of a team — is about more...

Work Management for Teams

Does Your Kanban Board Need a Refresh?

Spring is a time of renewal; a time to clear out the old to make space for new opportunities. If you’re using a Kanban board to manage your team’s work, you probably do some regular maintenance to keep your Kanban board up-to-date. However, just like with the closets in your home, from time to time,...

Virtual Teams, Work Management for Teams

Work Management for the Virtual Workforce

Across the globe, more and more businesses are rapidly building out their ability to support a virtual workforce with work management solutions. The catalyst for this effort comes from a variety of internal factors, such as when an organization leans on distributed teams as part of their digital transformation or makes remote hires to address talent gaps.   Virtual workforces can also spring up in response to emergencies such as local disasters or out of concern for employee health and wellness, like we have seen this week at Apple, Google, and other large organizations.  ...

Work Management for Teams

Project Planning and Delivery: 6 Steps to Get Work Done Faster

Your customers and team members depend on your project planning acumen to provide work of value—whether that’s a well-attended conference, a timely cybersecurity patch or a benefits package that attracts top personnel. Though planning is essential, what matters most to the customer is getting that promised value faster. In other words, project planning and project...

Enterprise Agile Planning, Work Management for Teams

Agile Project Management: 5 Tips for Starting Your Journey

No transition from milestone-driven work to Agile project management is without its challenges. The Agile methodology is known for empowering teams to work more efficiently and effectively, but these results seldom happen overnight. That’s because making the switch to Agile project management isn’t a one-time action, it’s a journey that requires the support of executives,...

Work Management for Teams

How to Get Started with Agile HR – Part III

If you read the first two posts in this series, you know why many HR departments are looking to become more Agile, and the benefits they’re experiencing after doing so. To review, Agile HR is simply the application of Agile methodology in the HR department. In practice, it usually means more collaboration, less linear planning,...

Work Management for Teams

Why You Should Have an Agile HR – Part II

An article published by Harvard Business Review in 2017 said, “If software has eaten the world, Agile has eaten the software world.” This is even truer today than just a few years ago when it was written—at that point, a Google search for “Agile software development” generated nearly 14 million results. As of the writing of this...

Work Management for Teams

Which Is Better: The Waterfall vs. Agile Debate

Since organizations are constantly exploring new ways to enhance the way teams work, Waterfall vs. Agile has become one of the more popular debates. Once confined almost exclusively to software development, Agile methodologies are being used by organizations across industries as an alternative to the Waterfall method. But does being popular make Agile a better...

Work Management for Teams

HR Goes Agile: Bringing People Operations into the 21st Century with Lean-Agile Values and Principles.

As enterprises are becoming increasingly Agile, the role of HR in Lean-Agile organizations is being challenged to expand beyond process-oriented HR management, and into truly Lean-Agile people operations. In this series of posts, we’ll be discussing why HR goes Agile, and what happens when HR goes Agile—and how high-performing organizations should approach HR’s transition into...