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What We Learned from the 2024 Vision Award Winners

See how forward-looking organizations achieve their strategic goals

Published By James Lustenader
What We Learned from the 2024 Vision Award Winners

We’re excited to announce four Vision Award winners at this year’s Planview Accelerate conference – a recognition given to just a handful of organizations each year. This post highlights their stories and how you can use their insights at your own organization.

Planview’s Vision Awards, now in its 13th consecutive year, recognizes forward-looking organizations that have excelled at achieving their strategic goals by leveraging Planview solutions. We also use this award to recognize and thank customers who have challenged our team to build and provide better products and services. These collaborative customers help us define what success means to our entire customer base.

We are proud to work with customers of such high caliber, and we’re shining a spotlight on their stories below.

In these winners’ stories, you’ll see three ways of working emerge that have been instrumental to their success:

  • They are embracing the project-to-product shift, creating alignment and visibility into their progress toward objectives and key results
  • They have built out critical integration interfaces, creating a connected ecosystem to enhance visibility
  • They have adopted flow metrics across the organization to ensure that all work is creating value for the business

Embracing the Project-to-Product Shift

Blue Shield of California

Blue Shield of California is a non-profit health plan founded in 1939 dedicated to providing Californians access to high quality care at an affordable price. The organization serves 4.9 million health plan members and more than 80,000 physicians across California.

They have been engaged with Planview to support their “Health Reimagined” initiative, an enterprise-wide digital transformation. To effectively measure the success of and progress towards their objectives, Blue Shield of California is using Planview Portfolios and AgilePlace to execute their project-to-product shift. They have defined Value Streams which are aligned to the set of mandated Objectives and Key Results within the Planview Portfolios Strategy module.

Blue Shield of California also strives for the ambitious goal of adopting the product-based funding model, which requires tight alignment between the business and the IT departments. This is not a simple task and our partners at Blue Shield of California have made great strides towards achieving this.

The results for the business teams are clearer visibility into what specific work objects have cost, as well as an understanding of their full spend across all the work. Additionally, they’re able to identify how teams are performing, learning from the high performers and sharing those best practices with others.

“AgilePlace has empowered our teams to seamlessly connect their quarterly work to our long-term strategic goals. This shift has been pivotal, allowing us to focus on delivering meaningful outcomes rather than simply measuring output.”

Sam Aldred, Senior Manager of the Enterprise Portfolio Management Office

In addition, the Blue Shield of California team has provided us with direct product feedback on our Enterprise Roadmaps and OKR functionality which has resulted in new capabilities & features seen in the product today.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Over the last five years Commonwealth Bank has emerged as a technology leader, with a goal to better support their engineers and improve their ability to release features to their customers. Part of the reason they have succeeded is that they shifted their operating model from project to product, and with the support of Planview’s Viz solution, they are actively tracking and managing flow as part of their delivery practices.

“We started our journey back in 2021, as we wanted to get even more rigor into our delivery. We’ve moved forward from that and we’re continuing to transform the way we work and grow within our delivery space.”

Gareth Chegwidden, General Manager of Group Delivery Practices

To add to this, CBA is continuing to build its AI capability, and have engaged with Planview to determine how Copilot can support them, as a leader in technology.  

Building out Critical Integration Interfaces

Founded in 1851, Corning Incorporated is an American glass and ceramics manufacturer. Their Capital Planning team first started working with Planview Portfolios in 2018 to establish an enterprise-wide Capital Excellence process for 12 different divisions within their organization.

Their success afforded Planview the opportunity to identify more capabilities that could drive value for Corning’s broader IT priorities. And so, they established an Enterprise Planview team to meet the heavy demand for Planview solutions across various business units within the global enterprise. In the past four years, Planview users grew by 310%.

They have built critical integration interfaces with SAP, Peoplesoft, Apptio and JIRA, which further positions Planview as the platform of connected work within their enterprise.

“Planview Portfolios has allowed our division to manage our capital portfolio projects for all locations worldwide. A global team of site capital managers help execute change control processes in their respective locations and corporate has integrated our finance systems to allow for capital spend upload into the system. This allows for ease of regular reporting to business leaders and strategic planning based on future projected spend.”

Project Manager

Corning has always been open and thorough in their constructive feedback to us, so that we can improve our product offerings to the benefit of all customers.

Adopting Flow Metrics Across the Organization

FedEx was one the earliest customers to pioneer the enterprise-wide implementation of Planview Viz. They started the journey with a pilot stage of Planview Viz in the FedEx Ground operating company. During that initial period in the test group, the rate of value delivery increased without adding teams or headcount. This translated to measurable productivity savings and supported a decision to move forward with broader implementation of flow measurement.

Today, the cross-functional implementation team has been driving the flow transformation, which will eventually cover more than 150 agile release trains (ARTs) across the enterprise. Their accomplishments include compliance with rigorous security reviews, thorough testing of impacts of high-volume data ingestions and changes, implementing standard practices and terminology around flow measurement, creating an organizational change management plan, and onboarding new users to Planview Viz. They are poised for a successful enterprise-wide transformation.

“We are excited to be working with an organization that is forward-looking in the flow measurement area and continuing to improve visibility, functionality, and AI/ML integration. We look forward to our continued alignment as we challenge our enterprise to quickly scale and mature in this space.”

Stephen Byers, Director of Platform Engineering and Enterprise CI/CD

With the upcoming waves of new user onboarding, momentum around flow visibility is building across the enterprise. They will continue to expand both the breadth and depth of their transformation.

Congratulations to the 2024 Vision Award Winners!

At Planview, our customers are at the heart of everything we do. As our four 2024 Vision Award Winners continue to lead, we look forward to seeing what they accomplish. As always, thank you to all our customers for your continued support and partnership.

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Written by James Lustenader Sr. Manager, Customer Advocacy

James has over 12+ years of marketing expertise, starting in College Sports and then moving to the Software sector to manage Customer Advocacy Programs within Apttus, Clarizen and now Planview. He is passionate about customer story-telling and strengthening customer connections, bringing a data & process-driven approach to everything he does. James also manages Customer Advocacy Programs in a way that helps both the clients' & the vendor's reach their goals, positioning themselves as market-leaders and innovators.