As companies strive to differentiate and disrupt their markets, there’s a surge in digitalization and transformation initiatives. Unfortunately, many of these initiatives fail to achieve their intended outcomes. Learn more about how to survive and thrive in the digital age.

Decision Making in the Era of Growing Constraints (Part 1)

The success or failure of every company and every individual within a company is the culmination of the decisions they make. In this two-part series, we'll share our perspective of effective strategies for better decision making in business, couched in real-world scenarios.

Why Proactive Change Management is the Right Approach to Transformation (Part 1)

Organizational change management (OCM) -- an approach to transformation that champions the “people side of change” -- is one of the best strategies you can use to improve the effectiveness of your transformation initiatives. Why? People are the common denominator in every change, large and small.   And the more intentional you are about including the people in your company and communicating clearly with them, the more successful your change will be.

Banking Transformation: Insights from Lloyds and Santander UK

Using a single platform to connect people and continuously improve processes will better position banks to succeed in achieving lifelong customers and keeping compliance under control. Learn more about how Planview helps banks achieve their digital transformation goals with these banking case studies.

IBM: Driving Efficiency and Revenue Through Services Transformation

Cloud & Cognitive Services (C&CS) is a division of IBM that brings together IBM’s software platforms and solutions, enabling hybrid cloud services delivery that helps clients predict, automate, secure, and modernize their business. From an operations perspective, C&CS helps IBM’s services business modernize, simplify, automate, and accelerate quote to cash (Q2C). However, one of the...

3 Things Organizations Can Do to Create an Ethos of Transformation

There’s no question that the last few years have had a tumultuous effect on businesses worldwide. Economic stimulus efforts, a global pandemic, global tensions and geopolitical issues, societal unrest – all of those events have altered how organizations bring their products, goods, and services to market. Many companies have responded to this era of intense...

3 Types of Business Transformation for Surviving Rapid Change

How can businesses stay relevant, prepare for future change, and survive in our rapidly changing world? Through transformation.  Understanding the three different types of business transformation will help you choose the right transformation for your organization. Although business transformation is complex, its impact isn’t: Research from McKinsey clearly shows that the more transformation actions a...

The Digital Transformation in Banking Case Study Roundup

As the world grows more and more digital, customers across every industry are expecting digital-first, timely assistance and support. As shown in this digital transformation in banking case study roundup, all businesses — including banks — have been forced to change and evolve with the times. Digital transformation isn’t so much optional as it is...