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New e-book: Value Stream Management – the key to balancing innovation with operational excellence

Published By Patrick Anderson
New e-book: Value Stream Management – the key to balancing innovation with operational excellence

“At least 40 percent of all businesses will die in the next 10 years…if they don’t figure out how to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies” – John Chambers, former CEO of CISCO.

There was a reason that IDC predicted that by the beginning of 2018, two-thirds of CEOs of Global 2000 companies would have digital transformation at the center of their corporate strategy. It’s all about innovation and survival.

Digital transformation, in a nutshell, focuses on leveraging current technologies to adapt business strategies, products and services to perpetually evolving customer needs. To that end, the role of IT – and the CIO in particular – is now centre stage, under the spotlight, and the pressure is on.

For a digital transformation to be successful, organizations must work faster to align the business with IT. Fortunately, research suggests that the tide is turning in that respect. The 2018 State of the CIO survey found that almost three-quarters of respondents said that IT and lines of business (LOB) are engaging more frequently in collaborative projects where there is shared oversight.

At long last, IT appears to be shrugging off its techy “functional” tag and the business folk are taking note – 49 percent of LOB respondents consider IT a strategic advisor for proactively identifying new opportunities and for making technology and provider recommendations. Moreover, 88 percent of IT leaders and 64 percent of LOB see the CIO role becoming more digital- and innovation-focused.

From a CIO’s point of view, the majority see their role as more transformational (36 percent) or strategic (45 percent) rather than purely functional (32 percent). Not that this change in perception makes their job any easier. A study by IDG – the CIO’s 17th Annual State of the CIO – found that the majority of CIOs are finding it increasingly hard to balance innovation and operational excellence.

Considering what’s at stake, few could blame CIOs for heading down to Costco and bulk buying Halcion. There is a better option, though, and that’s Value Stream Management – a holistic approach to taking control of an organization’s software delivery value stream to help deliver better business outcomes through IT.

Download our latest e-book by clicking on the image below:

Inside this e-book, you will find:

  • An overview of a CIO’s pain points in the modern business landscape
  • A definition of value streams and how they apply to software delivery
  • An Introduction to Value Stream Management and how it addresses the core issues that organizations are facing with their software delivery at scale
  • An outline of the three practices that underpin Value Stream Management and how Value Stream Integration supports those practices
  • A guide to the first steps in connecting the value stream and an overview of integration patterns

Want to know more? Speak to us today about a free one-hour consultation with one of value stream experts to begin visualizing the value streams that exist your business.

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Written by Patrick Anderson

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