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Tagging a Kanban Card

Published By Chris Hefley

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, we deployed a new feature – Tagging. Now you can “tag” a kanban card with any value you wish, or as many as you wish. You can filter the board by tags, including searching for cards that don’t have a given tag (e.g., search for Release 1.2, !deployed). You can filter the analytics and charts by tag, or even calculate cycle time separately by tag.

We also deployed a new support site and user forums over the holiday. Check out the documentation for tagging here:

Tagging can be a great way to associate items with a release, sub-tasks to a story, feature, or project, etc.

And don’t forget to check out our new support site.

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Written by Chris Hefley

Chris Hefley is a co-founder of LeanKit. After years of coping with “broken” project management systems in software development, Chris helped build LeanKit as a way for teams to become more effective. He believes in building software and systems that make people’s lives better and transform their relationship with work. In 2011, he was nominated for the Lean Systems Society’s Brickell Key Award. Follow Chris on Twitter @indomitablehef.