Innovation Management

Disruption is all around but today's innovative organizations leverage the power of the crowd to set themselves apart. The innovation management blog dives into topics like employee engagement, crowdsourcing, and how to get those concepts from idea to the market. Get insights related to concept development, creating winning challenges, and best practices for engaging your audience to enable your organization to crowdsource breakthrough ideas from the employees, partners, and customers that know their business best. Discover how to prioritize and track all ideas in your pipeline, from original conception to delivery -- in new products and services, improved processes, and enhanced customer experience. You will also find real-world stories, industry research, and more.

Simple Scheduling for Your Week

Developers that work with an issue tracking system are torn between two extremes. They often would like to know everything that is happening on their project yet their main focus is on tasks assigned to them. In practice, neither an overly nosey or a hermit-like approach works well, as developers are either overwhelmed by the...