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Planview IdeaPlace Launches Fall Innovation Forum Series to Create a Gathering Place for the World’s Innovation Leaders

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IBM, Pepperdine University, Pfizer, MetLife and more join us to share their experiences and key learnings around innovation.


Today we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Planview IdeaPlace’s Fall Innovation Forum series!

Following the huge success of Planview IdeaPlace events earlier in the year, this is the next evolution of Innovation Forums, hosted with strategic partner, IBM, and Planview IdeaPlace customers.

Our Innovation Forums are exclusive events for senior innovation practitioners and executives that bring together networks for sharing innovation best practices in cities around the world.

Here are the upcoming events this Fall:

October 24: LA, California – hosted with Pepperdine University
November 1: Boston, Massachusetts – presented with Pfizer
November 2: New York City, New York – presented with MetLife
November 15: San Francisco, California – presented with Equinix
November 15: London, England – presented with Rolls-Royce

If you’re interested in attending future Innovation Forums, learn more here.

As Scott Raskin, CEO at Planview IdeaPlace, puts it: “Our Innovation Forums are designed to bring key learnings from our industry-leading customers and partners to executives and team members so that they can build, enhance, and sustain their innovation programs.”

Each Innovation Forum focuses on arming attendees with the battle-tested strategies and tactics needed to navigate a new age of business where tapping into the collective intelligence of employees, customers, and partners drives business growth.

Attendees have the opportunity to learn from and network with innovation leaders and executives that reside in their regions, helping them build a regional community they can turn to on an ongoing basis.

We’re kicking off the Innovation Forum series today in Los Angeles – in partnership with Pepperdine University and IBM – where Marcus Shingles, CEO at XPRIZE, will keynote followed by sessions featuring Pepperdine, IBM, Hawke Media, and others. Attendees include Sony, Hyundai, Entertainment Partners, and Toyota.

During the events Planview IdeaPlace will be sharing industry benchmarking data on how top companies are tackling innovation, in addition to new findings from research conducted with an economist at Norwthwestern Kellogg School of Management on how 3.5 million employees from companies around the world ideate.

With the combination of Planview IdeaPlace’s annual Ignite conference and now our Fall Innovation Forum series, we’re excited about creating even more rich experiences for innovation leaders and forward-thinking executives who are eager to learn from their peers!

If you’re interested in attending future Innovation Forums, learn more here.

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