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Smart, Not Busy – How to Transform Your Workforce

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Managing your workload is for most professionals a major aspect of their jobs. For leaders in modern organizations, your workload is about empowering others to manage. This is an art in itself and can be as inspiring as it is challenging. To meet this challenge, software has been evolving to meet workforces’ needs and tap into the core of leadership.

When you have a lot of things on your plate, figuring out how to go about your day can be daunting. This is true for all professionals, but if you’re a people manager, project manager or business leader, it’s especially important. Not only do you have to manage your own workload, but you also need to have an overview of how everyone in your team is managing their own tasks. But there are ways to help make this job easy.

“Work smarter, not harder.” It’s an age-old adage, and much easier said than done.

time-project-managementCombine that with the other old saying that “an organization’s most important asset is their people,” and you have a clear message that a project manager is instrumental in helping their teams manage their workloads. Transforming your workforce so that everyone on a project or team is clear on what everyone else is doing, and what each other’s workloads are like, should be what every leader should aspire to. We all want our teams to be as efficient as possible and optimize them for the most effective outcomes.

But this can be tough. Inefficiencies can creep in at any stage of a project, and a lot of these can be blamed on people under pressure. This has an impact on people’s motivation and the quality of their work. This was proven by our recent Powering Productivity research; the study shows that employees are the area of the business most likely to suffer as a result of inefficiencies.

Achive-goals-together-collaboration-softwareHere’s where modern technology can help. Collaborative workload management solutions present new capabilities for leaders, from project managers and team leads to department managers and CEOs, to fuel their leadership with greater insights on the current work situation. This kind of software can actually paint a detailed picture of team commitments and might even show graphic representations of those informal hallway conversations with your team members about what they’re working on and whether or not they feel confident about their undertakings.

As it also helps provide structure to enabling individuals and teams to focus on getting the right work done at the right time, you can actually say that it is a software solution that brings you closer to the core of leadership.

We believe that you need to evaluate or assess your workload in the tool that you actually use to get the work done. That is why we have introduced Workload Management in ProjectPlace Enterprise. Click here for a free trial and find out more.

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