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Reimagining Software Integration

Published By Nicole Bryan

For too long, software lifecycle integration has been viewed as the red-headed stepchild at organizations – an unglamorous chore that is often considered a developer issue and a developer issue alone. That perception must change – it’s actually a critical organizational issue and this misconception is why Tasktop is leading the charge in rebranding integration.

The word ‘integration’ shouldn’t make your eyes glaze over, nor should it be last on the agenda when talking to management about how to succeed at scale. Integration should elicit intrigue and demand immediate attention – it’s THAT important. Why? Because integration is, in fact, precisely what will allow you to achieve organizational success at scale.

Actually, let me say that stronger; without integration, you won’t be able to scale. Wait…stronger…succeeding at scale is 100% dependent on integration. Integration is precisely how you will achieve your business goals, be it an agile transformation, DevOps initiative or improving your software delivery capabilities.

We’re reimagining integration to fundamentally change the way people think about how they connect software development tools and transform the way they deliver software. Let me show you how…

Imagine a world where… you can configure a sophisticated integration between two complex systems in under an hour. How? With a completely reimagined user experience that presents itself not with bits and bytes and XML configuration but instead in a visual, intuitive, logical way that aligns with what you already know and how you think about the tools you use. No coding required. This video further explains this benefit.

Imagine a world where… after you configure your first integration, you can scale to hundreds of projects instantly, thanks to the magic of models, which are the secret sauce behind being able to map once and then scale infinitely – as explained in this video.

Imagine a world where… The tool you are using to integrate has already codified so much about the end tools that integrations almost create themselves. Scary? Ok, maybe a little. But our smart mappings and auto-suggests of flows show the power of connectors that are domain aware.

Imagine a world where… all integrations work. All the time. With Tasktop, it is built in from the ground up. Nothing runs on Tasktop that hasn’t been through our ‘Integration Factory – a unique testing infrastructure that runs over 500k tests a day across 50+ repositories, supporting over 350 different versions.

But those are all just features … and above I said that integration was a 100% dependency to be able to scale… so let’s talk about that a bit.

Scaling means two things: more people and more processes. And more people and more processes means more tools. But if those tools don’t operate as one, scaling quickly turns into a creaky machine with all kinds of manual handoffs, endless meetings and unhappy practitioners. So integration means getting all these tools, teams and disciplines to act as one.

But can you really get these various tools that aren’t designed to work together to ‘act as one’? The short answer is “Yes!”. The longer answer is “Yes – but only with Tasktop.” Only with Tasktop can you ensure your tool landscape consistently functions as a single, powerful entity, no matter how many systems you add to the tool stack.

We know the key ingredients that enable you to scale your toolchain so that you can drive organizational objectives and consistently deliver customer value. In fact, our ‘reimagined world of integration’ places strong emphasis on the software value stream and it seems we’re on to something big. Since June 2016, we’ve received extremely positive feedback to our new proposition from participants in our Early Access Program including:


Value stream integration is the next significant chapter in software delivery and that’s why we have launched Tasktop Integration Hub, our new product and pioneering approach to large-scale software integration.

If you missed our live-streamed launch event last week, you can watch the recording here. In the video, our CEO and founder Dr. Mik Kersten and myself introduce the product, while customers explain the product’s importance and how Tasktop is supporting their Agile and DevOps transformations at scale.

Let’s transform the technology landscape together and be part of history.

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Written by Nicole Bryan

Nicole Bryan is the Vice President of Product Management at Tasktop. She has more than 17 years of experience in software and product development, focused primarily on bringing data visualization/infographics and human factors considerations to the forefront of Application Lifecycle Management. Most recently, she served as director of product management at Borland Software/Micro Focus, where she was responsible for creating a new Agile development management tool. Bryan is passionate about improving how software is created and delivered – making the experience enjoyable, fun and yes, even delightful.