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What is PPM Software (& How Can It Help Me?)

Published By Team AdaptiveWork

It’s rare for a company to focus on a single objective, serve a single client or undertake only one project at a time. After all, this would hardly be conducive to building clientele, expanding operations and diversifying for continued growth, stability and profit. That said, seeing even a single project through to completion can be difficult, and juggling a myriad of projects with their own objectives, timelines and contract commitments can be extremely complex, especially when things don’t go according to plan.

PPM Software

There is good news, though–PPM project management tools can help project managers stay organized, administer resources and maintain communications. So, what can PPM software do for your company? Here’s what you need to know.

What is PPM Software?

PPM stands for Project Portfolio Management, but what is PPM software, exactly? Planview AdaptiveWork’s cloud-based PPM project management tools are the solution to managing numerous projects simultaneously, providing the visibility, scalability and organizational project portfolio management capabilities necessary to track and manage multiple projects at once. First and foremost, project portfolio management provides transparency, so that project managers can easily view progress and implement changes in real time. In addition, priorities can be set and reset as needed, resources can be shuffled, budgets can be appropriately allocated and input from team members, clients and so on can be implemented immediately.

Finally, these PPM software solutions make it easy to maintain open lines of communication with all stakeholders involved in a project. When project managers can view, compare and adjust all of their ongoing projects in one place with PPM software, they reduce workload and increase chances for successful completion of every project.

How Can PPM Help Project Managers?

Once you’ve determined what PPM software is, it’s time to figure out how it can help you manage projects. This is important to understand because not all project management software is created equally, and you want to make sure you end up with a product like Planview AdaptiveWork’s PPM solution that will meet all of your needs.

There are several components necessary to complete any given project, including directives from clients and upper management: resources like employees, vendors, materials and supply chains; milestones and timelines for deliverables; and payment schedules, both from clients and to workers. This is a lot for one person to manage, and it gets exponentially more difficult when overseeing multiple projects.

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How Can PPM Tools Simplify Operations?

Things could easily slip through the cracks and compromise the integrity of work, adherence to schedules and the overall satisfaction of clients, team members and everyone involved. The solution, however, is not to take on less work. Instead, utilizing appropriate PPM project management tools can simplify every aspect of operations and allow project managers to easily manage obligations and resources.

Features and functionality are key, and you should seek software solutions that not only allow you to effectively allocate and manage resources, but also track, monitor and adjust your entire portfolio of projects in real-time, as well as organize projects and tasks based on priority, strategy and overall objectives.

Additionally, you need solutions that are designed to integrate with existing technologies. Fortunately, Planview AdaptiveWork has the PPM software solutions you need to make every project and overall operations run more smoothly, saving time and ensuring success in all endeavors.

What About Cloud PPM?

With cloud-based tools, companies can reallocate their limited resources to growing their business—not keeping physical hardware and software organized. Plus, with cloud services, businesses can continually adapt their technology needs to their business without the costs that would normally have to be considered with a non-cloud alternative. Whether you’re concerned about staffing efficiency, scalability or being able to access your applications and data from anywhere in the world with Internet access, cloud-based PPM software takes project portfolio management to the next level.

In fact, while some point out that traditional PPM can be inflexible depending on how it is implemented, that is not the case with more robust cloud-based solutions. Companies can adapt to change faster, integrate with other systems and move in a more business agile fashion with a modern, pure cloud PPM.

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