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Connecting Portfolio and Resource Management in an Agile Environment

Published By Catherine Connor
Connecting Portfolio and Resource Management in an Agile Environment

In a recent Rally blog, How to Adopt Rally’s Agile Portfolio Management solution when you already have a PPM tool, I introduced Rally’s recent integration with Planview Enterprise. Now it’s time to tackle connecting portfolio and resource management in an agile environment.

Watch Patrick Tickle, EVP products at Planview and Ryan Martens, founder and CTO of Rally Software discuss this flexible, customer-driven integration

I’d like to share with Portfolio Perspectives readers how we decided to strengthen our partnership to help organizations improve business agility.

Business agility often starts with development teams adopting Agile, which can feel like a threat to the business. This is no longer true — and here’s why.

For years our worlds have been fairly separate, but in today’s reality organizations are doing a lot of traditional projects while increasingly embracing Agile. Rather than being scared of the “Agile monster,” companies are looking for ways to gain the “Agile advantage.”

A Strategic Partnership That Syncs Top-Down Planning with Agile Execution

Planview Enterprise and Rally ALM Solution: This integration tackles two key needs for organizations that are doing traditional project management, but want to gain the advantages of adopting Agile project management:

  1. Ongoing visibility into the status of Agile projects in Planview portfolio dashboards
  2. Inclusion of the cost of Agile projects in Planview financial reports

End-to-End Portfolio Management

What makes this integration different from other PPM-ALM integrations is that Rally Agile ALM provides the translation necessary to reflect the status of Agile projects into PPM dashboards. Its unique portfolio item capabilities act as a natural bridge between traditional PPM and Agile development, aggregating Agile execution progress into business dashboards. Because strategic planners don’t typically work with story points, velocity, and burndown information, the integration reflects dates and financial numbers coming from the Agile work. This combined solution provides true end-to-end portfolio and resource management for companies that use mixed methodologies (non-Agile and Agile) helping them become more agile to adapt and react to change accordingly.

If you’re a Planview customer, I invite you to listen to our joint presentation at the Planview Horizons 2013 Annual Customer Conference this week in Austin, Texas. We’ll be presenting “Going Agile with Planview and Rally.”

For a sneak peek, watch the session presented at RallyON Europe last month or download this short Planview Enterprise and Rally ALM Solution Brief to learn more.

How are you currently syncing top-down planning with Agile execution? Share by leaving a comment below.

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Written by Catherine Connor

Catherine Connor is a product manager at Rally Software. She focuses on agile software solutions for portfolio managers and product managers. Recently, she adopted customer development techniques to validate go-to-market strategies. Catherine has more than 20 years of experience in software development, helping customers get value in software solutions.