Project Portfolio Management

The PMO is under constant pressure. From maintaining standards for project management practices to planning and delivering projects – the PMO needs to be in constant sync with strategy and business outcomes. This PMO blog category provides numerous recommendations from experts to encourage top down and bottom up planning, improve processes, promote stakeholder satisfaction, and ultimately eliminate silos to advance the PMO function. Get expert advice on the pros and cons of adopting a continuous planning model. Experts will also share real-world advice on choosing your next Project Portfolio Management tool and how to #BeThatPMO your business needs.

Can your PMO weather the elements?

Temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind, precipitation, and cloudiness. When combined, these six elements make up the weather. Without taking all six into consideration, weather reports and forecasts are incomplete.

Turning Around a Failing PMO

Whether you’re a project manager or a C-level executive, PMO failure can spell disaster for a business, and possibly even your career. Failing project management offices translate to wasted resources and missed opportunities for a business—and if someone is trying to assign blame for project failure, you could be put directly in the line of fire.

Bimodal IT: What does it mean for CIOs?

Any CIO worth their salt will keep track of the latest technology trends analysts are discussing and exploring. Over the past year, those who listened to prophecies about the Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics have started to reap the rewards these new technologies are beginning to bring to the business arena.

The Top 5 Reasons PMOs Fail

  There are many reasons a PMO either thrives or fails, but the most common reasons for failure are often not process or technology issues, but rather related to “people issues” in an organization. Ultimately, a PMO’s success rests in the hands of its team members, spanning across all levels of the org chart –...

4 Problems PPM Software Can Solve

Project managers have their work cut out for them. With so many projects happening at once, it can be difficult to focus on what’s important and coordinate the various resources needed to keep each project moving forward seamlessly. When they’re lacking visibility into each project, it’s common for managers to prioritize projects that don’t deliver...

A new mindset: What the rise of bimodal IT means for PMOs

Over the last six months, there has been a buzz building in IT circles about bimodal IT. Creeping onto the agenda of Gartner events, trade conferences and boardroom catch-ups, we’ve even started to hear the phrase on the lips of Changepoint customers.

The 5 Best Ways an Enterprise PMO Can Manage Change

In a large organization, project teams operate in smaller silos that involve a segment of the company. But with so many moving parts in an enterprise, it’s easy for these teams to lose sight of how they factor into the larger business strategy.