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Project Portfolio Management

The PMO is under constant pressure. From maintaining standards for project management practices to planning and delivering projects – the PMO needs to be in constant sync with strategy and business outcomes. This PMO blog category provides numerous recommendations from experts to encourage top down and bottom up planning, improve processes, promote stakeholder satisfaction, and ultimately eliminate silos to advance the PMO function. Get expert advice on the pros and cons of adopting a continuous planning model. Experts will also share real-world advice on choosing your next Project Portfolio Management tool and how to #BeThatPMO your business needs.

Project Portfolio Management

How the Savvy PMO Does Demand Management

Could your work intake and demand management processes use some sprucing up? Have no fear, the Savvy PMO is here! This blog series is for you whether you are inundated with work requests, need a more streamlined process, require better scoring and prioritization, or have other challenges with demand management. Using a formalized demand management...

Project Portfolio Management

Resource Planning the Savvy PMO Way

This blog series is part of our quest to help you enhance your resource planning, no matter where you are on the resource management and planning capacity curve. In part one of this blog series, we covered the first two guidelines, which are all about your people: Focus on your key resources first Assign and...

Project Portfolio Management

How Do You Conduct Resource Planning as a Savvy PMO?

Today’s enterprises are increasingly looking to the PMO to boost the bottom line. Inadequate resource planning practices make it difficult to quickly deliver innovative products, services, and customer experiences. “The risk of poor capacity is the inability to resource projects. We have a ‘need for speed’ and need the right resources at the right time...

Project Portfolio Management

Why a Good Project Roadmap is Beneficial to Your Project’s Success

It’s no secret that project management has its challenges, one of which is being able to communicate project plans and progress in a simple and easy way that everyone can understand. You want to keep everyone on the same page, to be able to turn complex project data into clear insights. However, a project often...

Enterprise Agile Planning, Project Portfolio Management

Enterprise Agility in Financial Services

We facilitated a roundtable discussion of our customers at the 2019 Planview Horizons Customer Conference where enterprise agility in financial services organizations was discussed. We learned more about some of the biggest struggles financial institutions face with a focus on capacity planning, funding models, and digital transformation. The topic discussed for most of the roundtable...

Project Portfolio Management

Project Prioritization as a Savvy PMO

In our previous post on prioritization, we talked about the importance of prioritizing your work. We also covered the groundwork you’ll need to know before implementing project prioritization methodologies of your own. Today, we’re going to take it a step further. If you’re new to prioritization, this post will help you learn how to identify...

Project Portfolio Management

Project Prioritization with Strategic Work Intake

Planview recently held a webinar with Michael Havison, Portfolio Director at Parkview Health where the focus was on project prioritization with strategic work intake. The On-Demand webinar is called, “Parkview Health: Prioritizing Project Investments with Strategic Work Intake.” We encourage you to listen to the full webinar, but in the meantime, review the following answers...

Project Portfolio Management

Healthcare PMO: BCBS Roundtable Exchanges Thought Provoking Ideas

A healthcare PMO today must have a strong constitution. Not only are they faced with challenges unique to healthcare, PMOs are also going through the trends mentioned in our recent post, “Conquer Your Business Transformation.” These include realizing Agile-at-scale, embracing the changing world of work, and creating an innovation culture. During the recent Planview Horizons...

Project Portfolio Management

How Do You Prioritize Your Work as a Savvy PMO?

How do you prioritize your work? Do you have a process to figure out what to do first or to identify the work that will bring the most value to the business? If your answer is “no,” keep reading; and if you answered “yes,” there is always room to improve. You may be surprised by...

Project Portfolio Management

The World of Work is Changing—Here’s How You Can Embrace It

Has your organization evolved in terms of how work gets done? PMOs are quickly realizing that in today’s changing world of work, it’s not really about what methodologies are used to get work done that impacts results, but it’s about taking a hybrid approach to portfolios—empowering teams to use the methods and processes that will...