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Partner Success = People, Process, and Technology Integration

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To succeed in the software industry, you have to build, sell, and support your software better than others. Throw in a partner ecosystem and you have to ensure that all your partners have the same ability; at least to the extent that they can sell and support the product1. This increases the complexity of the organization but also enables the organization to scale, and increases the overall value of the product.

As the partner manager for EMEA, one of the biggest challenges is not only to keep updated with the latest technologies, but also to know how we are doing in the eyes of our partners. Thus, it was delightful to win the “Best ISV partner 2016” award from Tricentis, one of our Testing/QA technology partners.


Left image: Tricentis’ Franz Fuchsberger and Alan Ota (left and right, respectively) presenting the Best ISV partner award to Dr. Tuuli Bell from Tasktop (middle) at Tricentis Accelerate 2016. Right image: At the same conference, Adrian Jones, Tasktop VP Sales EMEA, shared his wisdom. Watch a video of his presentation about DevOps success and integration at

The title of this post “people, process, and technology” is a commonly referenced starting point for any analysis or improvement project in the service management industry. However it also applies to successful partnerships in the software space; ensuring that we work together whether it’s new people joining the implementation team, changes in the sales operation process, or developing new ways to leverage the integrated technologies.

Hans Peter Bech, Jelena Galkina, Emma Crabtree, Preben Damgaard: Building Successful Partner Channels: in the Software Industry, TBK Publishing, 2015.


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