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New Product Release: What’s New in Tasktop Integration Hub Version 19.2

Published By Naomi Lurie
New Product Release: What’s New in Tasktop Integration Hub Version 19.2

A new release of Tasktop Integration Hub, 19.2, is available today, which includes:

  • Centralized test design and execution data across tools for unified reporting
  • Support for BMC Remedy REST API
  • Support for Zephyr for Jira GDPR Changes
  • Incorporation of partner branding changes

Centralizing Test Design and Execution Data across Tools for Unified Reporting

Many organizations have been using Micro Focus ALM (aka Quality Center) for quality management for years. But where once it was the only tool used for testing, today enterprises are augmenting ALM with additional tools to align with their agile and test automation efforts. That includes tools like Tricentis Tosca. Even as new tools are introduced, ALM remains popular and continues to play an important role in test management, especially when it comes to manual testing, defect management, and quality reporting.

The challenges for QA teams and leadership are how to restore visibility into coverage, quality, and cost, now that testing data is split across multiple tools.

Toolchains now feature multiple testing tools

Until now, it’s been prohibitively laborious to try to unify all the data in one place. But in Tasktop Integration Hub 19.2, Tasktop is introducing a scalable integration solution to meet the needs of modern test management. Drawing on more than a decade of leadership in Value Stream Integration, Tasktop supports software delivery organizations as they evolve their test management practices and tools, by creating a seamless user experience, centralizing data for cross-tool reporting in ALM and restoring visibility and control over product quality.

Designed in partnership with Tricentis, Tasktop Integration Hub is the only solution to flow test results from Tosca to ALM, creating the requisite multi-level hierarchical set of test artifacts on-the-fly (tests, test runs, test results, and defects) that enables transferring this information from Tosca to ALM for reporting.

Synchronizing test design and execution results between Tosca and ALM

Initially introduced for organizations using Tricentis Tosca in conjunction with Micro Focus ALM or organizations using multiple versions and variations of ALM, Tasktop performs bi-directional data synchronization of test cases, test instances, and test runs between the tools. It ultimately centralizes all test design and execution data into a single ALM instance for comprehensive reporting utilizing its strong dashboarding capabilities.

Watch this video to see how Tasktop supports organizations evolve their testing tools while centralizing test management data in ALM for reporting:

Read more…

BMC Remedy Connector Supports REST API

In anticipation of the SOAP API’s deprecation, Tasktop now supports the BMC Remedy REST API.

We encourage all customers to move from the Remedy SOAP API to the Remedy REST API.  Switching to the REST API will improve connector performance and eliminate dependency on custom web services and forms to utilize Tasktop. Additionally, select features and defect fixes may only be available on the REST API in future due to third party limitations.  A deprecation date for the SOAP API will be announced at a future date.

You can learn more in the BMC Remedy Connector Documentation.

Support for Zephyr for Jira GDPR Changes

Zephyr has implemented changes to its APIs in order to improve user privacy in accordance with GDPR. Version 19.2 supports these changes for Zephyr. Customers using Zephyr for Jira should upgrade Tasktop Integration Hub by May 31, 2019 when the old API will be deprecated.

How to do I upgrade? 

Branding Changes

  • The Jama connector has been rebranded as Jama Connect.
  • The Microsoft Team Foundation connector has been rebranded as Microsoft Azure DevOps Server (TFS).
  • The Dimensions RM Connector has been rebranded as Micro Focus Dimensions RM.
  • The Solutions Business Manager Connector has been rebranded as Micro Focus Solutions Business Manager.
  • All Micro Focus connectors have had references to HPE removed and been updated to use the generic Micro Focus logo

Value Stream Integration can transform the way you deliver software at scale

Request a highly personalized demo and/or have your value stream architecture mapped by one of our Value Stream Architects to see how Tasktop can you help you generate more business value from your software products.

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Written by Naomi Lurie

Naomi Lurie is VP Product Marketing at Tasktop. She is passionate about making businesses successful through effective customer-centric communication. With over 15 years of B2B product management and marketing experience, she specializes in large enterprises and their digital transformations.