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Managing Complex Workflows in Planview AgilePlace

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Are miscommunications, handoff delays and unforeseen issues impacting your organization’s ability to deliver? Watch this webinar to learn how to reflect your work structure in Planview AgilePlace so you can keep work flowing across multiple teams.

About this Webinar

In this webinar, Chip Carey, Director of Customer Success at Planview AgilePlace, discusses how to:

  • Decompose work across different organizational levels
  • Distribute and track work across multiple teams
  • Keep everyone aligned with roll-up and drill-down visibility

You’ll learn how to get the multi-level visibility you need to achieve fast, predictable delivery.

Learning Resources

Access a PDF of the webinar slide deck here. For more insights on managing complex workflows with Planview AgilePlace, read this blog post about Multi-Team Work Distribution capabilities.

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