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Accelerate Your Delivery with Two New Reports

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Planview AgilePlace provides a flexible environment where teams practicing different methodologies — such as Kanban, Scrum, Waterfall and everything in between — can work together within the context of the larger enterprise system to deliver value faster.

Our reports and Lean metrics help you create an environment of continuous improvement, enabling teams to optimize the way they work and evolve their processes to accelerate delivery.

To support the needs of teams practicing Scrum and Scrumban, we’re excited to announce that a burndown report is now available. In addition, for teams using planned finish dates to plan and schedule their work, we’ve introduced a new Planned Percent Complete report.

Burndown Chart

A graphical representation of work left to do versus time, teams practicing Scrum and Scrumban use burndown reports to answer the question: “Are we on pace to complete our committed work by the end of this sprint?”

It helps you understand:

  • Is the team’s work on track to be completed by the end of the sprint?
  • Are you tracking all unplanned work that comes up during the sprint?

You can use this report during each sprint to understand if work is being completed fast enough. Additionally, you can also use it retrospectively to understand the impact of unplanned work and discuss opportunities for improvement.

To use the burndown chart, you’ll need to specify the start and finish date of the sprint and designate a start lane for planned work. Learn how to configure the burndown chart here. This report is available for customers using our Select, Advanced and Enterprise editions.

Planned Percent Complete Chart

The Planned Percent Complete (PPC) chart helps us answer the question: “How accurate are we at planning our work to deliver on our commitments?” This report measures the percentage of work items that are 100% complete on the specified finish date. In other words, this report shows:

  • How well your planning system is working
  • How reliably your team hits planned delivery dates
  • The percentage of work that has been completed early, on-time and late.

Two types of teams often find this report helpful: Teams that are responsible for coordinating the work of multiple vendors, and teams that have goals related to the reliability of project delivery dates.

Planview AgilePlace users on Advanced and Enterprise editions can take advantage of the PPC chart by ensuring that all work items associated with a particular project have a planned finish date. Learn how to set up and use the PPC chart here.

Deliver Value Faster

At Planview AgilePlace, we’re advocates of metrics-driven learning to continuously improve your flow — replacing uncertainty with fast, predictable value delivery. Give these new reports a try and share your feedback with us.

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