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Salesforce acquires Mulesoft to put integration firmly on the map

Published By Patrick Anderson
Salesforce acquires Mulesoft to put integration firmly on the map

At Tasktop, we’re excited by the news that Salesforce has acquired Mulesoft, in a deal that is estimated to be worth upto $6.5 billion. The acquisition is another significant development in driving IT efficiency across enterprises, further emphasizing the importance of data integration between systems.

Salesforce is a leading CRM solution that enables organizations to capture and nurture leads, track accounts and customer requests, identifying business opportunities and issues, and more. The system serves as the prime link between business and customer.

Mulesoft, meanwhile, is a leading solution for building application networks that connect enterprise apps, data, and devices, across any cloud or on-premise system. This deal, explains Greg Schott, Mulesoft Chairman and CEO, enables the two companies to “accelerate our customers’ digital transformations, enabling them to unlock data across application or endpoint.”

The goal of “unlocking data” to help create a consistent, accurate and real-time view of a customer’s application-stack performance is music to our ears. As a market-leader in Value Stream Integration, we are firm believers in creating that all-important ‘single source of truth’ through integration, helping customers to better understand how software is being built to deliver greater value to the business.

“Salesforce’s acquisition of Mulesoft puts integration firmly on the map,” explains Nicole Bryan, VP of Product, Tasktop. “The message is clear; integration matters – matters big time – and is clearly at the heart of any business function.”

Yet there’s more to integration than just connecting systems. “What matters most with integration is the why; organizations need to ask themselves what their business case is for integrating,” continues Bryan. “To truly drive efficiencies, you need to look at how data is flowing across the whole of IT – including the software delivery process.”

Bryan adds: “While stronger data fidelity between Salesforce and Mulesoft will improve the quality of customer data in relation to their products, this data won’t be as effective if the value is lost during the development of an application. Integration matters at every point, from customer-facing systems to the process that creates those systems.”

For instance, if a customer request for a product feature is logged into Salesforce, but not automatically flowed to the next stage (say to a product owner’s tool such as Targetprocess), then the quality of the data begins to depreciate. Customer requests can get held up in an email somewhere, or corrupted by human error. Therefore it’s crucial that enterprises think about how valuable information flows across their organization, and how integration can optimize that flow at critical points.

Check out our explainer blog on how we can help you optimize customer success by integrating CRM tools such as Salesforce with all other tools your software delivery value stream.

Tasktop connects the network of best-of-breed tools (including Salesforce), roles, teams and processes used for planning, building and delivering software at an enterprise-level. The backbone for the most impactful and largest Agile and DevOps transformations worldwide, Tasktop enables organizations to connect their software delivery value stream for end-to-end automation, visibility, traceability and control over the whole process.

With the ability to support hundreds of projects, tens of thousands of users and millions of artifacts, Tasktop automates the flow of product-critical information between tools to optimize productivity, collaboration and adaptability in an unpredictable and fast-paced digital world.

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Written by Patrick Anderson

Patrick is Senior Content Manager at Tasktop and oversees the company's content and thought leadership programs. Outside the office, you’ll find him reading, writing, slapping some bass (poorly), rambling in nature and following his English football (soccer) team, West Ham United.