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Wrap-Up: Innovation at the 2015 Australia CSO Summit

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For some, networking is a dirty word that conjures up images of awkward conversations and handshakes that last too long. But happily, the meaning of the word is evolving. Business leaders continue to see increasing value in collaborative ideation, and are reaping the many benefits that result from cultivating both internal and external innovation


At this year’s Chief Strategy Officer Summit in Australia, senior strategy executives and innovation leaders came together to share success stories and eureka moments while hearing from industry experts on emerging tactics and technologies.

Expanding the Frontier of Innovation Science

Mindet’s SVP of Product, James Gardner, was one such expert. In his talk, he delved into crowd and innovation science, a new field of data analysis that uses statistics, human behavior, socio-economics, and theory to unearth predictable innovation outcomes.

He also detailed the research that we’re doing to extend the capabilities and boundaries of this budding approach in our Planview IdeaPlace software, particularly in the context of crowds and large-scale enterprise innovation programmes. He shared preliminary results of his team’s studies, and explained new insights they’ve uncovered from their research of 7 million+ participants.

James’ team stands at the helm of this revolutionary research, and will undoubtedly continue to shape the foundations of successful enterprise innovation programmes worldwide.

An Intimate Innovation Affair

Following the Summit events, we hosted a small Innovation Dinner at Cutler & Co in Melbourne, to allow a handful of invitees to network with other senior strategy execs, heads of innovation, and the Mindjet team. We were pleased to welcome 18 guests who were gracious enough to share even greater insight into their organisations’ innovation initiatives, challenges and achievements, as well as personal anecdotes of creativity and employee brilliance.

The event as a whole was nothing short of inspiring, and we’re honored to have attended and been given the chance to share the outcomes of our exploration into innovation strategy. Learn more at our March 25th Innovation Café webinar, “Driving a Culture of Innovation.”

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