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From Divided to United — Aligning Technical and Business Teams

Published By Dominica Degrandis

Are your technical and business teams at odds with each other? They don’t have to be.

Alignment is defined as “a position of agreement or alliance”.  Aligning technical and business teams is a matter of gaining clarity and consensus around why teams are doing what they’re doing. Your teams may (and in fact, should) argue about the whowhat, and when, but the why should be well understood. Gaining consensus on this can fundamentally transform the culture of an organization.

Discover the secret to gaining alignment by learning how to gain consensus around the why — so your teams can start to have productive conversations about the who, what, and when. 

About this Webinar

Learn how clarity on priorities, cross-functional dependencies and team metrics drives unity.  In this webinar, I discuss how to:

  • Balance business requests with maintenance work
  • Prioritize up, down and across the hierarchy
  • Get visibility on cross-functional dependencies

I suggest tools to help you hold productive discussions about the way your teams work together. I also share my observations from my time at Planview AgilePlace on the methods we use to create clarity between our business and technical teams.



Learning Resources

Here are some additional resources that I shared during the discussion:

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Written by Dominica Degrandis

Dominica teaches Kanban to DevOps enthusiasts. As an Executive Consultant at LeanKit, Dominica combines experience, practice and theory to help organizations level up their capability. She is keen on providing visibility and transparency across teams to reveal mutually critical information. Follow her on Twitter at @dominicad.