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Your Path to Work and Resource Management

What Are the Benefits of an Enterprise Architecture Framework?

When it comes to an enterprise architecture framework, there are a wide range available to use. Horizontal ones such as TOGAF or Zachman, and vertically flavoured ones such as eTOM for the telecoms industry and BIAN for the banking industry.…

3 Steps to Unlock the Treasure Trove of Work and Resource Management

You don’t have to be a pirate to find hidden treasure—although it may give you the upper hand. With the right information, anyone can become the hero or heroine to unlock secrets to success—in this case, secrets to work and resource management.…

A Gift for the Enterprise Architect in All of Us

Think about your holiday shopping list. You know, that list of all the people you want to buy gifts for. I’ll bet it contains the name of each person, along with the names of all their perfect gifts. If you’re really savvy, you may even have…