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Driving Innovation with Kanban at Jaguar Land Rover

Published By Hamish McMinn

In this webinar, I share how Kanban is being implemented across new vehicle development projects at Jaguar Land Rover to improve time, cost and quality. I’ll share the results of a Kanban product development proof of concept to accelerate design and development, the success of which is driving adoption across multiple programs.

You’ll see how Planview AgilePlace is enabling our adoption of Kanban by helping cross-functional teams visualize work and collaborate more effectively to manage complexity and change. As a result, we’ve reduced rework and are delivering new product programs faster, with lower cost and improved quality.

Accelerating Product Development Flow with Kanban

Modern automotive engineering is extremely complex: A new vehicle can take 2-4 years to develop, with an estimated cost of delay of about $2 million per day. Shortening feedback loops and minimizing handoff delays can have a considerable impact in reducing product lead time.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why new product development provides rich opportunities for continuous process improvement
  • Benefits and challenges of transferring Agile software techniques to hardware design and development
  • How to visualize work, focus on flow and increase cross-functional collaboration using Planview AgilePlace

Watch the Recording

View my slide deck here.

Final Thoughts

My mission is to help engineering and technology teams accelerate their new product research and development, so they can win, with a faster time to market and higher ROI. By applying Agile software development techniques and the Kanban method to new product development, teams can drive innovation in both their organizations and their industries. For many companies, this is the secret to staying relevant, innovative and proactive in their product strategy. If you have any questions, please contact me directly at [email protected]. You can also visit my website at to learn more.

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Written by Hamish McMinn

Hamish McMinn is an Automotive and IT Project Manager at Jaguar Land Rover with international cross-cultural experience helping teams across Europe, Asia and the Americas deliver complex projects. Since encountering Lean Thinking in 2004, Hamish has been on a quest to translate those principles into project and product delivery. Connect with Hamish on his website, Flow Logic.