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Get Integrated for Free with HPE ALM Octane I/O

Veröffentlicht By Jeff Downs
Get Integrated for Free with HPE ALM Octane I/O

If you’re an HPE ALM/QC or HPE Octane user you’ll know that to get true traceability and reporting you need to integrate it with other tools used by software development teams, and there are a variety of ways you can do that.

There’s now a new offering available to you – HPE ALM Octane I/O – which offers integration to JIRA, TFS, CA Agile Central/Rally and VersionOne. And the best part is it’s free for up to 100 users! Leveraging HPE ALM Octane I/O allows you to put HPE ALM/QC or HPE ALM Octane at the center and flow different artifacts such as requirements, epics, stories and defects back and forth between the various systems in real time.

If you’re an HPE ALM/QC user, you might already be familiar with the variety of integration offerings that are available including HPE Synchronizer, HPE Octane Synchronizer or the HPE Next Gen Synchronizer. You might have even tried them at some point. What makes this new offering different is the tools you can integrate with. HPE Octane I/O integrates with Version One and CA Agile Central (in addition to JIRA and TFS), and all versions of those tools will be supported. It’s powered by Tasktop, which means it can support enterprise-grade integration requirements – it’s technology used by almost half the Fortune 100.

Let’s look at one example of how this could be used – connecting HPE ALM with JIRA. By integrating these two tools with HPE Octane I/O, you can automatically flow epics and stories from JIRA to HPE ALM so that testers can see the requirements right in their tool. The integration also synchronizes relationships so that you have traceability between parent and child requirements. Comments or questions logged in HPE ALM  are automatically sent back to JIRA to that developers can see everything in their tool. Once test cases are created in HPE ALM direct coverage status can be sent to JIRA so that iteration managers can see the details of the user story and understand status as it pertains to the testing effort. URLs and artifact IDs can be passed back and forth between the two tools to add even more traceability.

Integrating these tools together not only eliminates manual handoffs and automates traceability, it also allows you to leverage functionality within HPE ALM that you might not have been able to previously. Maybe you have people that are manually importing requirements into HPE ALM, maybe you’re not using your requirements module at all. But with the real-time requirement integration running you can turn on alerts in HPE ALM.  The result: changes to stories in JIRA or other Agile tool will update the requirement in ALM plus it will notify the owners of related test cases that a review is needed.  Testing the correct version of the requirement ultimately means better releases and happier customers.

So how do you get started? Simply request a license key from Tasktop through this form. You’ll then be able to get the software directly from HPE. For more information, view the on-demand recording of the Vivit webinar HPE ALM Octane I/O Enterprise Grade Integration with your 3rd Party Agile Tools.

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