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Come in, our APIs are Open!

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ProjectPlace is a service in “The Cloud”, and we deliver a product designed to solve many problems for many potential customers.

You can go to our site and evaluate our service for free. We hope you’ll understand what we’re about and decide to become a customer. But if our offer fails to appeal we will lose your business. Perhaps we lack a feature that is an absolute must have for you.

And lets be frank, in the race against all the other features and improvements we have prioritized for development, chances are your favorite feature will lose.

This is quite simply the market approach of any cloud vendor. We base our product on an hypothesis about what easy and efficient project collaboration is about. We’re passionate about it, we believe in it. But we don’t scratch every itch. We never can.

But in the world of APIs, someone else can.

Opening Up
On the web, the acronym API (Application Programming Interface) usually refers to technology that allows remote access to data, resources and functionality.

At ProjectPlace we are opening up our system in this way. And it is of strategic importance to us. With an open system, others can gear our product to their needs.

A programming savvy person in your company or team can already now create components that use ProjectPlace in a way that suits your needs. If you’re a kind soul you can decide to share the result with others. Open-source it. Charge money for it. It’s up to you.

With an ecosystem of apps powered by ProjectPlace APIs, we can be a partner in a rich and varied offering. That spells more business for us, and a more tailored product for you.

APIs are simply the smart thing to do, for any cloud vendor.

Our migration to an open system has recently begun and has initially centered around the document management parts of our service.

In the next release, a batch of APIs will expose all of the functionality in our Conversations tool. Further along the line we will open up Issues for remote access.

Anything new that we create, will be powered by APIs.

A Brief History
We’ve actually had APIs for a long time, If you are familiar with the PowerTab or our iPhone applications, they are powered by APIs. But those APIs are tailored for our specific needs, and are hard for any third party developer to make use of. We’ve decided against publishing them to a wider audience.

We’re excited to be on track for the future, with a robust API framework based on established standards. But there’s no denying that there is work ahead, with many APIs to add to our portfolio.

We Eat Our Own Dog Food
We use our APIs when we develop our products, and our pace of innovation has increased thanks to it. The cross platform Document Manager is the first result. An iPad/iPhone application will be released soon. After that the race seems to be between a chat client for project groups and an enterprise conversations tool.

Unless you beat us to it!

We’re excited that anyone out there can create the next great ProjectPlace feature, and solve their needs with the help of our rich, robust and secure infrastructure.

Open for Business
Take a look at to register for access. We are listening to your feedback, your API bug reports, your feature requests, and are more than happy to give you support as you start using our APIs.

We would also like to help you market and push the applications you integrate with our infrastructure.

We hope to hear from you!

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