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Planview AdaptiveWork in Action: Green Energy Geothermal

Published By Team AdaptiveWork

Green Energy Geothermal (GEG) is a multi-national company headquartered in the UK. With offices in Iceland, Indonesia, Singapore, Kenya and Norway, staying connected is key to their success. Fortunately, cloud-based Planview AdaptiveWork makes it easy for GEG’s staff to share resources, develop strategies and track their progress on multiple, complex power plant development projects—regardless of their individual locations. With cloud-based collaboration tools, it’s never been easier to work together from opposite ends of the world. We sat down with Helgi Gunnar Vignisson, GEG Director of Program Planning and Quality, to find out why GEG chose Planview AdaptiveWork and what sets us apart from other project management solutions.

What was the challenge faced by GEG? 

GEG started small in 2008, but rapidly grew into a company with more than 100 staff members during construction activities. Not only that, but their staff is spread across multiple continents. After GEG built their first geothermal plant, they quickly realized they needed to find a project management tool with a specific set of functionalities. Not only did they need help with managing construction schedules, but they needed a product that could record engineering details and help with other areas of operation. Although they were using another software solution, it was primarily being used to store documents and send them to clients. As the company grew, GEG needed to provide many other details to third parties, from independent contractors to full-time employees.

Why did you choose Planview AdaptiveWork over other products?

Initially, the GEG search team considered all the top PPM solutions on the market before narrowing their choices down to three—Planview AdaptiveWork included. “During our evaluation, I received temporary access to all of the systems we were considering,” says Vignisson. “We needed a PPM solution that was scalable and could grow with our business…the level of support we received from Planview AdaptiveWork, despite our small size, has been immensely helpful.”

Over time, GEG found Planview AdaptiveWork to be a powerful scheduling solution. Once it became the accepted focal point for project management, Planview AdaptiveWork allowed GEG staff around the world to freely connect, communicate and collaborate. Vignisson and other GEG employees like that, with Planview AdaptiveWork, they have the ability to record every collaboration, whether it’s an in-depth discussion or a simple email or chat. This capability has eliminated a lot of problems, and can eliminate some of yours, too.

Tell us about a specific Planview AdaptiveWork success story?

Over the past five years, GEG has designed and delivered 15 geothermal wellhead plants to Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KenGen), and they use Planview AdaptiveWork’s work recording features to track the progress of the firm’s 150 local workers. By dividing its work into “work packages” within Planview AdaptiveWork, including Engineering, Procurement, Fabrication, Transportation and Construction, GEG is able to collect vital project information on a daily basis that they can import directly into Planview AdaptiveWork to manage and track projects.

“We track how much work is required for each work package, which gives us great visibility into how long the work is taking and allows us to better manage costs and provide accurate scheduling for future projects,” says Vignisson. “We have seen a lot of change with Planview AdaptiveWork. Now, every meeting I walk past has Planview AdaptiveWork on the screen. Planview AdaptiveWork’s structure has been easy to adapt to our needs.”


Needless to say, GEG is a Planview AdaptiveWork fan. To find out what Planview AdaptiveWork can do for your own organization or to read up on industry news, contact us or head to our blog. Curious to know which other brands use (and love!) Planview AdaptiveWork? Check back for future “Planview AdaptiveWork in Action” pieces. Want to be featured? Let us know!

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Written by Team AdaptiveWork