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Planview AdaptiveWork in Action: Branded3

Published By Team AdaptiveWork

Branded3, a leading search marketing agency and Planview AdaptiveWork power user, leverages audience engagement to grow their client’s brands online. With a customer base that includes Vue Entertainment and Travelex, staying ahead of the curve is crucial to their success. Since their inception in 2003, the agency has more than tripled in size and expanded from a single office in Leeds to open additional offices in London and Bath. We sat down with David Smith, Operations Director of Branded3, and Andrew Radburn, a Branded3 Project Manager, to find out what prompted them to choose Planview AdaptiveWork and what keeps them excited about the software.  

What prompted Branded3 to switch to Planview AdaptiveWork?

To put it simply, the company’s long-time project planning application, 10,000ft Plans, could no longer support the agency’s expanding roster of clients. Branded3 was acquired by the St. Ives Group in 2013, and grew at a rapid pace—a pace that could no longer be supported by a product catered towards smaller companies. Excel spreadsheets, Google Docs and time tracking applications, all of which required too much time and effort, just weren’t cutting it anymore. “We needed a solution that gave us a clear visibility of workloads, budgets and efficiency”, Smith notes. So, they turned to Planview AdaptiveWork.

Why did you chose Planview AdaptiveWork over other products?

As most companies do, Branded3 formed an evaluation team to look at PPM solutions that matched the firm’s growing needs. The team looked at three solutions (Clarizen, Workfront and TrafficLive), and chose Planview AdaptiveWork for its superior flexibility and adaptability. “We can do so much with Planview AdaptiveWork such as configuring customer data fields to better represent the data we want to see in our reporting dashboards”, Smith explains. “We can constantly change and adapt the platform to our new processes. Planview AdaptiveWork ticked all the boxes for us.” Do we tick all of yours?

What was your experience like with our staff?

When any enterprise client onboards with Planview AdaptiveWork, they’re assigned their own Planview AdaptiveWork Customer Success Manager. These managers develop trusted relationships with clients, gain a deep understanding of the customer’s business requirements and ensure that Planview AdaptiveWork is closely aligned with the customer’s business strategy. From answering questions about the product to developing technical specifications to meet customer functionality, Customer Success Managers are an integral part of the onboarding process.

“Planview AdaptiveWork understood our business needs and invested time and effort to help us configure an environment exactly tailored to our requirements,” says Smith. “We felt a great sense of trust and mutual agreement. The implementation was outstanding, especially in the face of our demanding requests and constant questions.”

What do you love most about Planview AdaptiveWork?

If you asked Branded3 what they love most about Planview AdaptiveWork, they’d probably point you in the direction of this blog. From our sophisticated interface and agile scheduling to collaboration between teams and enhanced visibility, it’s safe to say that Planview AdaptiveWork has won over Branded3. “In comparison to other project management tools I have worked with, Planview AdaptiveWork provides easy access to the data I require without having to drill down multiple navigation menus, and you can tailor your views and information to your own tastes without affecting anyone else.”

Needless to say, Branded3 is a Planview AdaptiveWork fan. To find out what Planview AdaptiveWork can do for your own organization or to read up on industry news, contact us or head to our blog. Curious to know which other brands use (and love!) Planview AdaptiveWork? Check back for future “Planview AdaptiveWork in Action” pieces. Want to be featured? Let us know!

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Written by Team AdaptiveWork