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Product Portfolio Management

The Crucial Brand-Building Role of Sustainable Product Development

A hopeful but volatile 2012 confronts all product development professionals with an immutable truth: companies can no longer effectively manage their brands without proactively managing sustainability. Brand reputation and appeal increasingly depend on sustainable product development. For products companies, it’s the products that comprise the vast majority of total corporate environmental footprint. So it won’t...

Project Portfolio Management

How Portfolio Management Can Maximize CIO Contribution to Shareholder Value

ZDNet recently ran a piece entitled, “5 Reasons the CIO Can Be a Corporate Sustainability Hero.” Interesting and true, but I felt like they buried the lead as journalists like to say. Sustainability is crucial to this story, but far more powerful when considered in conjunction with the CIO’s impact on his or her company’s...

Product Portfolio Management

Product Development Portfolio Optimization: Bottoms-Up vs. Top-Down

I’ve never met a homebuilder who wants to build a roof before pouring a foundation. Yet when I talk with executives about optimizing product development portfolios for customer appeal, competitive impact, and resource allocation, they sometimes ask this question first: how can we do a better job of optimizing development investments across our major lines...