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Project Portfolio Management

Realizing the Benefits of Resource Planning

Remember that rocket you were building a couple weeks ago? It was a struggle to get started, since the raw materials were purchased before any proper resource planning. We covered the first 5 of 10 tips for better resource planning so you could…

Project Portfolio Management

How to Stay Realistic with Resource Planning

Imagine you’re building a rocket. You are so eager, you purchase the raw materials immediately and begin construction, under the assumption everything else will fall into place and you don’t need resource planning. Then you find out your…

Project Portfolio Management

Increase the Power of the PMO with Portfolio Management

The PMO is highly valuable in any organization—or should be. Yet, many PMOs are unable to reach full potential due to challenges such as being placed too low in an organization or lacking mature tools and practices. Further, PMOs are often led…

Customer Success, Project Portfolio Management

American Airlines Achieves Greater Efficiency in the Face of Change

In 2013, American Airlines merged with US Airways creating a “new” American,, the world’s largest airline. This new airline had 120,000 employees and was facing a big overlap in technology, programs, and processes. In a recent webcast, The…

Project Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management Reporting Doesn’t Have to be Painful

The PMO’s job driving project selection and making smart resource allocations just got a little easier. We recently updated the eBook, The Top 7 Reports for IT PMOs, that provides a look at key reports you need to inform stakeholders consistently,…

Project Portfolio Management

Extend Your KPIs for Smarter Decisions

So, we’ve already talked about strategies for improving and strengthening your strategic portfolio management. And we’ve covered the importance of making tradeoff decisions when it comes to new initiatives. Clearly, creating what-if…

Project Portfolio Management

Making the Right Tradeoff Decisions

In a previous post, we discussed making better strategic decisions by using holistic planning. Simply put: portfolio planning should always start by thinking first about your desired outcomes This means that any decision to take on any new…

Project Portfolio Management

Five Critical Questions to Ask Your PPM Vendor

Sometimes, knowing the right questions to ask can make all the difference in evaluating new tools. For example, your IT Project Portfolio Management solution may be coming apart at the seams – whether it is cobbled together spreadsheets or…

Project Portfolio Management

The Top Six Reports for IT PMOs

The IT PMO’s work is a Catch-22. Praised one day for doing an exemplary job of guiding projects to completion on time and on budget, only to realize that this metric is no longer enough and then suffer from a lack of perceived value. Reports for…