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Project Portfolio Management

7 Characteristics of Capacity-Centered Organizations

What would it mean to your company’s innovation speed if you could shift your decision timelines from months/weeks to days? Or if you could speed time-to-market with better ability to see and optimize resources? What if you could be confident…

Project Portfolio Management

7 Foolproof Tips for Gaining Visibility into Demand

A long-held axiom is that knowledge is power. Nowhere is this truer than when trying to determine how to resolve persistent resource overloads. But it’s hard to know how to address the constraints of your workforce if you don’t understand the…

Project Portfolio Management

5 Benefits of Understanding Resource Capacity

A compelling statistic emerged from the 2016 Resource Management and Capacity Planning benchmark study. Of organizations that considered themselves lower maturity when it comes to capacity planning, only 31% typically even consider…

Product Portfolio Management, Project Portfolio Management

What is Resource Management and Capacity Planning and Why Should You Care?

I’ve been writing, speaking, and advising for some time now about the importance of resource management and capacity planning, but I realize it is time to step back and define what this truly means in layman’s terms… First, some foundation.…


12 Tips for Un-Common Sense Resource Planning

***Warning: These 12 Tips are provided to help you bring common sense to your organization’s resource planning. If your organization isn’t ready for common sense, proceed with extreme caution. But proceed nonetheless.*** In my roles both…

Project Portfolio Management

Building an Innovation Portfolio—10 Key Takeaways

I recently hosted a discussion with Forrester’s, vice president, principal analyst serving CIOs, Chip Gliedman and Planview’s NDP solution market manager Carrie Nauyalis about innovation and portfolio management, and…

Project Portfolio Management

Optimizing Your Resources: Learn from the Military

Now more than ever, organizations are asked to do more with less. Pressures mount, competition is building, and there seems to never be enough resources to tackle what needs to be done. Then, when resources are finally allocated to strategic…