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ACE Your Job with Clarizen Bot

Published By Team Clarizen

With the fierce competitive pressure business face nowadays, we often hear customers ask how can they move faster, do things more efficiently—in short, become more business agile. They seek best practices and tips for greater agility not only in process improvements but in also how they approach work.

Over the last 12 months my team interacted with hundreds of users and our findings uncovered three key crucial elements to achieve this kind of agility. Companies need to be adaptive, to adjust their strategy and to quickly react to changing market conditions. They must be collaborative and stakeholders need to be aligned for them to take the right decision and to coordinate the day-to-day and cross-functional efforts. Lastly, companies must be relentlessly efficient–whether it’s money-wise, time-wise, resource-wise–or else.

Of course the marketing guys took these findings and immediately came up with the acronym ACE. 😉

Companies move faster (and achieve ACE) when information if available whenever and wherever they need it. Our ongoing mission to make data more accessible has lead to another innovation brought to you by Clarizen.

Let me introduce you to one of the first bots in our space: the Clarizen Bot.

The genesis behind Clarizen Bot, is the understanding that once we make information available to our users “at their fingertips,” they will be able to drive their teams to more productive outcomes. Data is readily available across the organization, leading to faster more accurate execution and greater business agility.

With the increased adoption of chat platforms, and as Clarizen has already an integration with email systems, we have decided to continue our journey and meet our users where they spend their time: Chat

Clarizen Bot supports Slack, today’s most adopted bot platform. But be sure to expect us to support other enterprise-level platforms, like Skype for Business, in the near future.

Clarizen Bot gives you access to key information at a glance: project info, portfolios or projects status, areas of risk or to simply update a task on-the-fly. In short, it lets you interact with Clarizen via Slack on the go.

We’ve designed Clarizen Bot to make your life easier as well as more efficient. A common place where people get stuck is in having to memorize the command line. The bot is equipped to understand the user’s intent so just like a normal conversation, it tries to decipher the user’s intent. We believe that this will dramatically reduce the time it takes to get information. Just type how you would normally converse with another user and the bot will help guide you there.


Click here to read more on Clarizen Bot.  Please feel free to share your thoughts, suggestion and comments. I am eager to hear what you think as we pursue enhancements to our bot and other product features.


Yoav Boaz

VP Product

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